WoW: Collecting Toys

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”
Henry Ford

WoW: Collecting Toys

Today’s date: July 8, 2017

I am no expert but, at 358 toys, I am an avid fan. For me, using toys adds to my character as much as transmog does and it adds a lot of flavor to your game play. I believe in making macros for my common tasks to include toys because they can be so fun and would otherwise sit in a dusty toy box, unused.

Collecting toys is a mini-game in itself, as satisfying as getting your tmog sets or taming that treasured pet. I am sad that our Armory does not support toys well at all, doing your research offline would be better than camping in game and hunting in Wowhead.

Visit my posts on Fun Toy Box Macros to see some interesting uses of the many toys in WoW.

A lot of toys are rare or faction specific or insanely expensive; make your choices wisely when investing in a toy. A lot of toys are a simple matter of walking up to a vendor or looting it off of a specific mob!

Getting Started

  1. In game, open your Collections tab and click on Toy Box
  2. On the Filter fly out box click off “collected” and click on “not collected”. Now you can see all of the toys that you don’t own.
  3. Filter some more by choosing only one category, perhaps Vendor or Drop.
  4. Mouse over the toys to get more information. Soon you will recognize some toys by the tooltip, “Glimmering Falanaar Treasure Chest” is from the Withered Training in Suramar for example.
  5. Choose a toy that seems likely, Mylune’s Call is pretty fancy. Then look it up on Wowhead and read the comments. In all of World of Warcraft research outside of the game itself, always look for the date of the posting! One can be misled by a comment or advice from 2008.
  6. Go get your toy! Rinse and Repeat, have fun and play with your toys.

Black Market Auction House

  • Madam Goya is in the Sewers now, underneath Dalaran. Here you will find the “promotion” toys which are often also from TCG cards (playing card packs you can buy at Walmart or even off of e-bay — buyer beware).
  • The listings change daily.
  • You can also find rare tmog gear, mounts and toys.
  • You can bid on a mystery box which could be anything, usually minor stuff in my experience.
  • It can get very expensive because you are bidding against other players on your realm, even so it can be fun to window shop!
  • The bidding is long, medium, short. On my realm, the bidding ends at 10pm; so I never bid until it is close to the time. But, you can get lucky! If you bid and lose, you will get your gold back.
  • Like all gambling, this is a risky venture.


  • Warlords of Draenor introduced the Toy Box feature, this might be a good place to start building up your collection.
  • Fun items from the past have become toys, if you have Alts across many realms that you have not visited: perhaps make a visit.
  • Rep and Faction toys can be a hurdle, perhaps one of your characters has already gotten a bunch of rep in an area?
  • The Auction House can have toys but it does not have it’s own tab, sadly. As always, Buyer Beware; many might be from an upcoming holiday and you’d be just as happy to wait.
  • Profession toys are great. Look in your guild bank! Ask a friend, ask in guild chat or make your own.
  • Many toys can be disappointing. Some only work in a specific zone (mostly WoD zones!)
  • Join me in my surprise at how many players are still on the Timeless Isle!

Collecting Toys is more than a “fill the bar” task. The rewards are so very unique to this game. I hope that this post gives you some direction and encouragement. With time, you’ll have a fine collection of style, party and fancy toys to enhance your gameplay in this wonderful World of Warcraft.

2 thoughts on “WoW: Collecting Toys

  1. Oh, this is just what I wanted; Starting focusing more on my Toy collection is slowly moving up the list. Thank you for the tips šŸ™‚

    I wish I had flying in Draenor, wow, there are a lot from there. But it also seem as if there is a lot to be gained from MoP questing?

    I had no idea of Madam Goya selling toys that way O.o I have her in my Garrison but that is probably a different “version” of her?

    Oh, why, oh why does the Auction House not have it’s own Toy category yet is beyond me.

    I’m still working towards the Mirror Pet Toy – I think that will bring me more joy than any other toy. Well the Bubble Wand is awesome too…

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