Ever Planning Ahead

“A gentleman is simply a patient wolf.”
Lana Turner

Ever Planning Ahead

I can only assume that I’ll be playing the next expansion since I’ve played steady since Burning Crusade. During Cataclysm they made it much easier to level up an Alt and have continued with each expansion. During Cataclysm, I created my Profession Alts who don’t really play the game as much as serve my Main.

In Legion, after reading the overview of Professions and reading the shock from bloggers as we began to play, I decided to only focus on Consumables (pots, flasks, tomes, vantus runes, enchants). Naturally I continued with Engineering because it is, I feel, the best profession for a main via the travel portals and for raiding with repair bots.

We can’t all be like Gnomecore and create an active army. It is pretty darn impressive how he has designed his play to see the story from every angle via his many classes. However, we can take some pages from his playbook!

I had a doh! moment when my Guild Master told me that you can mail the Rep tokens that you earn from the Mission Board. I knew that but did not exploit it at all. The intention for my GM is to mail the Rep tokens to the Alt that has to learn recipes in a zone (say, exalted in Thunder Totem lets you buy a Leatherworking recipe). Pretty smart.

Instead of using Gnomecore’s strategy of assigning specific Alts to each zone with the goal of earning the mount or pet from the Paragon Chest, I’ve decided to funnel all my rep tokens to my Main. This will not be as steady and specific as Gnomecore because he is also doing the Emissary run when it applies to his Alt and zone. My strategy will be slower but it will very much support my goal of the same: Paragon mount/pet rewards. Prior to this, I was using the Rep tokens from the Mission board on the Alt who earned it and they are all middling Honored or Revered. My mistake!

Knowing that my Alts have no interest in Artifact Power, their Mission Boards get very simple: rep and gold.

On top of this is recognizing that in 8.0, a long time from now, I might want my Blacksmith, Leatherworker and Tailor ready to go. The path to 800 can be painful in Legion but if the goal is merely 800 with no thought to recipes, things like the Darkmoon Faire will be valuable if I remember to always get my five points.

Late in the Legion expansion, everyone starts to look ahead. Catching up on things like Professions will be pretty easy then as we’ll know the dungeons and might be able to solo them with our high end gear and Legendary pieces; things we did not have when we first had our Profession Shock at the beginning.

Planning ahead, even in small steps, will keep this game interesting as I not only focus hard on my Main but also expand to manage my supporting cast.

4 thoughts on “Ever Planning Ahead

  1. I admire the ability and time to plan ahead in the game. I would love to be like “done” with Legion once a new expansion drops, I wish I had more alts, too! Good idea to have them support ones main like that 🙂

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