Timewalking: Black Temple

“We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.”
Charles Bukowski

Timewalking: Black Temple

I healed a run yesterday.

It was fun because I was with friends. Several of them ran it “back in the day” and liked being experts. After three hours we got to Illidan and wiped three times and ran out of time. It is a shame that we did not finish.

According to the comment section on MMO Champs; my character is now locked to Illidan. I can not take my favorite healer and run with another raid team like I can in Legion content. Our group wondered if we could return on our next raid night but there was zero information at the time on how Timewalking: Black Temple would deal with lock outs.

I know my Black Temple, I used to run it to sell pets for Raiding with Leashes. I made beau coup bucks and know the pathways. I also read the Illidan book so I have the appreciation of the story not just from the book but from the in-game stuff during Legion.

Over on Deez Wurds blog site, he pretty much sums up what I think too. One and Done. Seeing it was okay but I can’t imagine wanting to return when it cycles around again in a few months. Here’s to hoping they did not spend a lot of resources on tuning this raid for Time Walking.

Since we have had Time Walking dungeons for a while, I knew what to expect: nasty fears, silences, sleeps. That is from the trash! I was surprised to see my heals get interrupted by the trash mobs; that was a shock! The boss mechanics were fine, they’ve been tuned down to shorter fights.

We wiped on several bosses and trash pulls. Supremus, the second boss, taught us respect and caution for the rest of the night.

It is what it is – a huge building with a lot of trash and many bosses. Three hours is tuned just about right. Challenging and not trivial in any aspect which is very good. I saw zero rewards except the Badges. So, my character did not progress in any way (at the expense of a current raid night) which is an okay break from routine, I reckon.

I would suggest that if you get the chance, go and check it out. It is different from what we are doing now and worth the experience. I’d rather not return though!

5 thoughts on “Timewalking: Black Temple

  1. Lol. Just saw a comment form someone in guild. There is a bug if someone does not have a clean lock out the entire group is effected. Sounds like someone did not work out some key details.

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  2. Ah, cool with some insight into how the fights actually work as Timewalk. Did you find it easier than you thought, or?

    Gosh, 3 hours…Ok then. Damn.

    I can remember, that Molten Core event was an absolute mess, I never finished that, since I was not able to play for 3 hours straight (Oh, it took just as long?), which is how long it took in Pugs.

    Also, I imagine we are fewer and fewer around who actually ran this while it was content. And like, the boss that needs us to decurse like mad, was like he was 10 years ago, only, our decurse now has 8 seconds cooldown (isnt it?)
    There were just some things that sort of collide with how the game and our own spells etc. has changed.

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  3. It’s nice to read the reviews and thoughts on timewalking Black Temple, haven’t managed to do it myself. I really enjoyed it back in TBC, or maybe it’s nostalgia talking… Now that I think of it there were a lot of wipes and high repair costs…

    I don’t think I’ll be able to do it this time around, the groups in group finder seem to have quite strict requirements, which is fair enough. Maybe I’ve geared up a bit before the next timewalking comes around!


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