Black Temple: The Worse Case

Many who have spent a lifetime in it can tell us less of love than the child that lost a dog yesterday.
Thornton Wilder

Black Temple: The Worse Case

Bonus Event
[With realm restarts in each region] Players who have obtained different raid lockouts are now able to group together and queue for Black Temple Timewalking.

In their hotfix on Black Temple to make it so players can group at different lock outs, they reset the entire raid.

Blizzard was not prepared. And it wasn’t an in-game joke.

T’was a bit of a hellish night with much confusion and frustration. Our Raid Leader built a team and we entered the raid but it was not his lock out. All the mobs and bosses were alive. We disbanded and reset to the exact team we had the night before: same result. We ran out, we ran in, we changed Raid Leaders, we shuffled players — there was no way we could get our lock out.

The night before the hotfix it had taken us three hours to down three bosses. And, at least with our group, we were not playing for three hours. We don’t start at Call Time.

So, faced with a full raid to finish in one night and a party of guild members and puggers — we tried at the start again. It was a frantic feeling with players pushing hard and racing up to the next group of mobs.

There was no fun in learning the mechanics of a fight. No satisfaction is a kill. A wipe was a catastrophe. One pugger, feeling the time heat would pull the boss when we arrived even though we were scattered and low on mana and health; he did it twice and we kicked him. Brutal but necessary. Time was a weight crushing the raid team.

All that time wasted with trying to understand the lock out really hurt. After three hours we “only” had three bosses left. But the Raid Leader had to go. We’d have to reset our team. Many wanted to finish, this is Time Walking Black Temple! And we’d not see it again for months nor want to return.

I left too when the Raid Leader left.

I felt guilty. Guilty enough to write about it. I don’t know if they finished in one, two or three hours later. It was the “spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” thing for me, my back was aching from three solid hours of trying to get going and to go. My butt was sore, my legs didn’t want to sit in my chair for another three hours.

I felt bad enough that I thought about looking up “computer exercises” on the web to see how I could power up my upper back and support sitting with one hand on the keyboard and the other on the mouse for long periods of time. I’m pretty sure that any health site would say “don’t do that”.

Maybe I’m feeling my age. Playing WoW into the late hours with friends is a lot of fun and you feel a responsibility to stick with the task. But not this night. Not after three nights in the Black Temple. Not after all the time from the first two nights negated by a hot fix. Not with a mixed bag of players and puggers. Late Night Wow should be with just a few friends, I now so believe!

So, that is my Black Temple Story. And you know what? Sunday may see me back in there again with my “other” raid team — again with a wiped lock out (we stopped at Illidan) and another group of friends frantically trying to stuff Black Temple into one night of raiding.

6 thoughts on “Black Temple: The Worse Case

  1. I carefully thought and decided it’s not my cup of tea. My guild is going there today, anyone willing invited. But I don’t see a decent prize for this super effort for myself. Once I let myself ignore it, it’s become so easy 🙂

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  2. We hit the same thing. We’d cleared through Reliquary the first raid night so it was just… ugh to find out that we couldn’t get our lockout. We cleared back to Reliquary and ended up getting Bloodboil right at the end of raid time [two hours] but we ran out of time.

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  3. Ouch, that sure sounds demotivating – Sorry it had to be such a catastrophe.

    I can easily understand why you ended up feeling like you did. Despite all the lock out bugs and what not, this story of yours here is just a testament to the fact, that a Timewalk raid is not really the way to go for Blizzard; at least not in its current state. How many players can you enter with, there, whats the minimum?

    It sounds too timeconsuming for “fun and different content” too, on top of the current raid and such.

    Hmm, about sitting still for so long; its not for everybody, but I actually sit on a pilates ball, when I sit at computer. It takes some practice, but it helps my entire posture and you actually burn calories too. Not a lot, but its there. Trains balance as well. (One just has to adjust screen etc then too, since the pilates ball “sits higher” than a chair would)

    But as my chiropractor says: “The best sitting position is the next one” (not sure if it translates exactly) – just good to keep in mind, no position is good if its for longer periods of time.

    Oh, yeah, I agree, Late Night Wow should be spend with friends, guaranteed to be enjoyable.

    I hope, if you do go back, that it will be bug free and easily executed this time around.

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