Simple Armory

“What fresh Hell is this?”
Dorothy Parker

Simple Armory

This link here.

Kudos to Ann In Wonderland In Azeroth for pointing out this site in her blog.

What a great little place to visit and it is all about ME!

The best, for me, is poking around the mounts that I don’t have because this site does what Blizzard’s site does not: offer a straight link to Wowhead.

Some of my first and best memories of WoW had me on my office hours searching the internet for toys and pets and mounts and odd gizmos to plan for my play time later that night. My administration assigned my office hours when my students were in mandatory classes; so, with door open and not a chance of a visit, I did “research”.

It is a mystery to me why our Toy Collection can not turn up on the Armory or on this great site, Simple Armory. We can see pets and mounts, so the design feature must be available.

The Achievement section on Dungeons and Raids is much better than the in-game WoW interface for a super quick search on what you really want to know: what do I NOT have yet? Again, a straight link to Wowhead and you can find your information.

For me, spending my game time in game but searching the internet for information really sucks. I’d rather plan over a sandwich with some music playing in the background; and then, fully prepared, attack the World of Warcraft with temerity and alacrity.


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