Resto Druid T21 4pc Bonus

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Resto Druid T21 4pc Bonus

Today’s date is July 29, 2017

The Devs have responded with a blue post (thankfully).

Tier 21 Resto Druid Set Bonus
There will be some logic attached to the Restoration Druid 4-piece set bonus for it to prioritize anyone except the Druid while Ysera’s Gift is healing much more frequently. If only the Druid is injured, it should still heal the Druid. This change should be in a future PTR build.

I’m unsure if the build that went up today has this change or not, but I recently changed the 4-piece bonus to be a 100% chance on Wild Growth to grant 5 seconds of the Awakened buff (instead of 50% chance for 10 seconds).

If that is not in the build that went up today, it should be in the next build.

Just a bug, will be fixed in the next PTR cycle.

The HoT from the 2p was incorrectly not able to crit and was not benefitting from haste.

The 2p HoT also now benefits from your mastery just like any other HoT.

Both of these changes should be in the next PTR build. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

As I understand it: the two piece bonus is passive. We’d be expecting Ysera’s Gift to be pumping out more healing, all of the time.

The four piece bonus will be triggered when we cast Wild Growth. This spell has a ten second cooldown and the change noted would be that we’d have this bonus percolating along about half of the time. Assuming it is cast off cooldown, which it is.

I can’t find “the Awakened buff” on Wowhead or guess at how powerful it is. Odds are that it will rely on our own spellpower, haste, mastery, etc.

I glanced over my latest Warcraft Logs and see that Ysera’s gift has been healing me for about 3% of all my heals and healing others for about 2%; so, a total of (very) roughly 5% of all my overall heals.

While on one level, having a very passive increase in my healing isn’t very interactive on my part and I can’t really exploit it. The idea that I can simply stand there and you are blessed by my healing, my very presence, is sort of cool.

Of note: the Dev wrote that this is a HoT, meaning it would act as a Mastery: Harmony trigger. I was unaware that our current version of Ysera’s Gift was considered a heal-over-time spell. I think that it will be a HoT only as part of the tier bonus.


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