Dev Chat and 7.3

Rocks, clocks, and socks, they’re awesome
Figs, and jigs, and twigs, that’s awesome
Everything you see or think or say is awesome

Everything is Awesome

Dev Chat and 7.3

Yesterday’s chat on Twitch with WatcherDev and Lore fielding questions from Twitter and the Forums was an entertaining view.

Basically: everything is awesome.

Class balance is great, mythic plus is fantastic, the artists are amazing and they do care about you, the player. They really do.

Icy Veins has a recap here if you don’t want to waste one hour for five minutes of information.

Argus and patch 7.3 will be a mini-expansion in itself. A new world, for sure, but new recipes, new crafting materials, new Artifact stuff with weekly advances in Knowledge and the new Relic system called the Netherlight Crucible.

They did not announce the date of the new patch 7.3.
This makes the entire exercise one of fantasy and willful suspension of disbelief!

Raiders and dungeon masters will care very much about upgrading their weapons with the Netherlight Crucible. For me, right now, it is confusing on how it will work because I don’t know what the material or token is that you’d want to have to use it.

Icy Veins has a preview on the Netherlight Crucible that explains some (it is in testing) of the mechanics. I’ve read the one at Wowhead too.

I bring this up because this is really the only thing that you can do about 7.3 now. That is, no kidding, grind Artifact Power. We now know that it will be 14 days (after patch drop) before we can use the Netherlight Crucible and that will mean that the first week of 7.3 our AK will automatically jump to 41, then the next week to 42 etc. We’ll get there, for sure.

Icy Veins has this chart:

There are 3 relic slot levels gated behind Artifact Level. At Artifact level 56, I was able to unlock Tier 1 for the first two relic slots. Tier 1 for the third relic slot is still locked.
Relic slot 1 upgrades to level 2 (Tier 2) at Artifact Level 61
Relic slot 2 upgrades to level 2 (Tier 2) at Artifact Level 64
Relic slot 3 upgrades to level 2 (Tier 2) at Artifact Level 67 (confirmation needed)

So, to get this Tier 2, one needs Artiface Level 61. That will be TEN points in Concordance. I do farm AP a little bit, not alot but I’m aware of it and I am at nine points today. Since I raid, I’ll be farming AP to get to 64 before the patch (if they ever announce when the darn patch will drop).

So, yeah, you can be grinding AP.

The professions and materials are in for a big change too. Blood of Sargeras is being replaced. That is a scary thing. The new stuff is called Primal Sargerite and it will take forever to collect, especially with the slow transfer of Alts to Argus and opening World Quests which, hopefully offer this reward … uphill, on the ground, fighting through mobs.

Wowdb has a list of all the recipes (39) that use Primal Sargerite. That list is here. It covers all the crafting professions.

On a side note, I’m glad I don’t need PS for the new boosted health pots using the new herbs to be plucked on Argus … uphill, on the ground, fighting through mobs.

Except for the new health pot, our other consumables like feasts and flasks seem to not have upgrades (this would have been brutal).

I say “brutal” because the cost of raiding is pretty high (I flipped off Ion several times, including when he was talking about a BoE dropping in a raid and the gold going to the guild bank. I flipped him off a lot).

For fun:
Lets say that I provide my raid team with a Spirit Cauldron. One of these takes 16 flasks to make (four of each kind). If a flask on the AH is going for 500g, I just put 8000 gold on the ground for two hours of raiding. One Lavish Suramar Feast sells for 1000g on the AH, if we wipe ten times in a night: I just put 10,000 gold on the ground. If we reach KJ and need Vantus Runes, they are going for 4000g each on the AH; if I make 15 then I’ve put 60,000 gold on the ground. Let’s ignore the tome of talent changes.

That is 78,000 gold to raid.

Double it if you are on two raid teams.

So, yeah, I flipped off Ion several times.

Obviously I’m not buying anything off of the AH, I have a crafting system with an army of profession alts.

He says that all that stuff is for the anal compulsive min/max elite players and he is a liar. If it is in the game, people will execute his design.

So, we can’t “do” anything in anticipation of the new patch that I can see. Except grind AP on my raiding main; my Alts are fine as they are now.

Everything is in testing and that is good! When it will arrive is a mystery and sometimes I wonder if I care. It is hard to get excited about an unknown date.


8 thoughts on “Dev Chat and 7.3

  1. Concordance 10?????
    I’m at 5. I need 1.5 billion AP at Knowledge 40. Going to 41 or 43 will be a drop in the bucket. He really has no clue what average players think. He sees people doing Mythic +15 every week as increased participation and a success. People are doing it because it’s a better chance for an upgrade over running Heroic raids.

    I said in guild chat in answer to someone wanting to do Timewalking. I’m sorry. I would but I did them 7-8 years ago. I do t want to go back. And I’m just hanging out until 8.0

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  2. I dunno, man. Let the weekly AK step up, the percentage bonus should make a difference. Candidly, I barely understand how the Netherlight Crucible works — after tier one is it simply a matter of preference? I think tier one is the power boost.


  3. Ouch, I can understand why watching that made you upset, especially as a raider. Whenever I come across people that I really do not understand, I always try to look for the reasons as to why they take the actions they do, but with WatcherDev I simply fail at grasping it. It sounds so weird; at one hand they seem to “promote” the high end/hardcore/etc. raiders, eSports, what not, but at the other hand, they almost appear as if they insult them, with their remarks of “you just try to hard, have fun and equip the upgrade”.

    The cost of raiding shocked me. Wow. I dont even know how to respond. That damn.WoW token and the way it has made in game gold value so grotesque.

    This Q&A seemed unneeded, is that generally how these go? I have not watched them in years.

    Netherlight Crucible appears so complex! And so un-needed…Is that really what they see fit as a “solution” to keep players with too much game time busy?

    Blood of Sargeras is being replaced, that is a bold move, is it not? That normally does not happen in game, does it? That while a current expansion is still running, the “currency” changes?

    I am sometimes quite grateful I do not have the time to raid and that I just wander around “down here”; I might have been far more annoyed with these PR stunts (Thats all it really was, it seems, right?).

    I just look forward to Argus, without knowing what is there, and how we get there.(Not killed Kil Jaeden yet, so I dont really know much)

    But I understand the frustration, no doubt, also when you pair it with being in a weak spot for your class, the Tier bonus and what not.

    Press on, hero! Time will tell. Hope for the best 🙂

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    • Nope! By my own doing, for the past three expansions, I’ve kept a Raiding Tab for our guild to use when we are doing group work. It is a long project that I’ve really enjoyed.
      Candidly, others do put down feasts and cauldrons on occasion but I am prepared to do it all. In general, most show up with their own potions too. Those vantus runes are expensive on the AH right now, but I make my own.


    • Let me be clear, if I have not been: I’m not buying anything off the AH. I make all this stuff with gathering, alchemy and inscription. And .. I’ve been known to sell some things time to time too.


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