Prolonged Power vs Old War

“Victory usually goes to the army who has better trained officers and men.”
Sun Tzu

Prolonged Power vs Old War

I don’t want to make decisions for other players on how they play. However, the World of Warcraft is a big game and one of the ways that I play is keeping our guild’s Raid Tab stocked up. It is fun for me to do this.

You can see that in our sixth column that there are two empty slots. This is the column for the Potion of Old War; the melee pot for pre-potting and for some later burst phase.

The help that I need from you is if you know whether my thinking is right. I’m a-thinking that the Potion of Prolonged Power is more powerful now because our primary stat is more important especially with Concordance procs over that full minute making your primary stack up higher.

Potion of Prolonged Power
Item Level 110
Use: Drink to increase all stats by 2500 for 1 min. (1 Min Cooldown)

If that is the case, then I’ll phase out providing Old War for our raiders. Part of my problem is understanding the Potion of Old War (I don’t play melee), partially because there seem to be two different tooltips! The first is Wowdb, the second is Wowhead.

Potion of the Old War
Item Level 110
Use: Summons a pair of ghostly fallen warriors that will join you in combat. They may echo your melee attacks and abilities, dealing 113,154 damage. (Approximately 20 procs per minute)
(60 sec cooldown)

Potion of the Old War
Item Level 110
Use: Summons a pair of ghostly fallen warriors that will join you in combat. They may echo your melee attacks and abilities, dealing 90523 to 135784 damage. (1 Min Cooldown)

I looked up Feral Druid on Icy Veins and that guide says to use the Potion of Old War. But, I would guess that the guide was updated (or not) a long while ago and might not reflect the importance of our primary stats and Concordance.

The comment section on Wowhead seems to be from the Legion Beta, a year ago, with reports that Old War can give you up to 2.5 million damage for that 30 seconds if you are actively meleeing and stuff.

However, I look at my a Feral Druid in our guild with an ilevel 911 and she has 32,990 Agility. Surely a full minute of Concordance procs and a steady 2400 Prolonged Power would be a very big boost to her power.

So, I’m not sure what to do. I understand that there may be a “burst” factor where on a pre-pot pull with Hero might give enough Haste for the melee player to get a bunch of procs off of Old War. And, maybe that is the answer, carry both kinds of potions.

Does anyone have information to help me along? I asked in Raid the other night and got silence once I explained my stacking theory. Our raiders are not sure and simply following the guide. I’ve been wondering about this for a while and may have asked before in the blog but: let’s pull this question up to the top again.


4 thoughts on “Prolonged Power vs Old War

  1. Oh, I wish I had any insight to share. (That is some decidation to the guildbank there, nice)

    I wonder, is it not possible to check it out vs. a Target Dummy? Or how about having everyone who normally use Old War ones vs a fight on farm do that one week, then switch the next week to Prolonged Power, and compare the logs from those two kills? Maybe that’s complex…Hm.

    I did hear that Potion of the Old War was a very high boost but that was at the start of Legion.

    Back when I did the Mage Tower Challenge, it never occured to me to use the Old War-one, I just used Potion of Prolonged Power – but it was not to increase my DPS only, granted – it was more overall.

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    • Yep. I think part of my thinking is that we are deep into the expansion and the testing by guide writers was long ago and, maybe, things have changed.
      I’m sure the leading mythic raiders know, but they rarely blog on stuff like that.

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  2. Hey Wrathofkublakhan

    I can help with some insight to this problem atleast to my knowledge might be some wrongs here and there but this is what i gatherd while playing mythic raiding,

    Most melee classes benefit more from an “Old War” cause of the burst, most classes with high burst like DH, Warriors and so on.
    But not all fights are good to do an Old War either on cause some fights its maybe high raid dmg and such thats why prolonged wins then cause for a DH it gives roughly 200k extra health and 2500agi, but as i said before DH lives on the burst but sometimes an old war potion “2nd” can push u thru hard phases quicker aswell but its all down to how everyone plays and so on and on progress bosses i would recommend prolonged if taking high amount of dmg and tactics failing.

    Take an example like this, atleast for a DH ” I played DH dps but mained Tank in mythic raiding.” we live on our burst with all cds up,
    Gonna do some testing ingame now for you,

    DH 919 ilvl Drums/all cds 30sec Old War: 78.49M Dmg / 2.69m dps / Potion of Old War 5.23m (6.7% of my dmg)
    DH 919 ilvl Drums/all cds 30sec Potion of prolonged power: 72.49M Dmg / 2.30M dps
    DH 919 ilvl Drums/all cds 3min 2x Old War: 207.95M Dmg / 1.12M dps / Potion of Old War 9.13m (4.4% of my dmg)
    DH 919 ilvl Drums/all cds 3min 2x Potion of Prolonged power: 204.73M Dps / 1.15M Dps, But got super lucky with procs.

    I Fought against the target dummy in our order hall, pure single target and i dint move so these numbers arnt good to go by in a real fight, but often atleast as a DH u need your burst to keep that dmg and dps rolling over till next cd use, and i can say aswell im dead tired doing this test.

    I saw after i did these test that i had the 30% more dmg belt vs targets over 90% health and the Target dummy was always regin hp so the numbers are aint 100% bulletproff and i cba to do another 40min test today but can give it another go tomorrow or something with no proc trinkets and no belt if you like, i can find some old logs aswell, if you like to see how our roster used to use potions and such and talk around with my dps buddies how they think. Send me your bnet if u like to talk more about other “raiding” stuff i gladly lend the aid i can.

    Atleast hope you got some clearer info atleast from this, and sorry for messy post, im dead tired.

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