Bring Me 7.3

“For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.”
H.L. Mencken

Bring Me 7.3

If you were to look at my logs from last week on Warcraft Logs and you were to scroll down to my gear. And then look for my weapon, you’d see it’s item level is 946. Then if you were to mouse over my relics, you’d see that they are all 890 – which is not true. It can’t add up to 946. My relics are 915, 915, 950.

With Warcraft Logs designed as a comparision tool to other players in your class and gaming level, seeing things like wrong level relics can drive me crazy. Perhaps it is a “known bug” and something we live with, like the crappy transmission in my car.

Speaking of Relics, I wonder if we can use our currently equipped relics in the Netherlight Crucible. If not, I hope it is raining relics for the two weeks leading into it’s opening when 7.3 arrives. Finding another 950 relic seems unlikely and my own is pretty crappy but it jacks my weapon’s stats up.

The reality for my raid team to get the Ahead of the Curve achievement is dependant on the 7.3 patch. It will bring us upgrades, I hope, to our gearing so that we can tackle ToS on heroic. History has proven this is exactly how it works, I have AotC on the past raids back to Lei Shen. For the Gul’dan one, it was two weeks before the cut-off date of the next raid opening. So … that is my expectation.

I don’t see any Valor Point upgrades in the data-mining …

Wowhead as become so proactive (which I applaud) with it’s data-mining and articles that what was once it’s strength, the comments, seems to be weakened. My desire with their data-mining is that the comment section to be strong with explanations from player’s who’ve experienced it and I don’t see that as much as I’d like. Too often there is nothing which means either their community is smaller or the amount of data that has been mined is now a much higher volume.

I have three of the “beyond exalted” paragon rep mounts: the drake from stormheim, the flying carpent from Suramar and the hippogryph from … somewhere. I’m embarrassed to say that it’s slipped my mind where it came from. Why I mention it is that it is now time to look up (on Wowhead) the list to see where I need to focus. Obviously I don’t have the much desired mount from Val’Sharah but there might be yet another. I don’t know yet but I’m glad they are RNGing into my account.

Many of my favorite bloggers are writing on what a bitch the LFR version of KJ turned out to be.

Dude, I totally agree.

3 thoughts on “Bring Me 7.3

  1. Oh, I really do agree, things like that, wrong levels etc. displayed, annoy me too! It’s odd, but it does appear as if its gotten worse in Legion with all the titanforge etc? As if the item itself has a “locked version” somewhere, and that sometimes, sites cannot take that into account and it displays wrong? I do not know, of course.

    Also, wow 946! Nice! πŸ™‚ How’s it like, up there? πŸ˜‰

    I wish Wowhead would have more comments too. I do not think the community is smaller; i think that, sadly, people no longer take their time to leave a comment. The majority of human kind is always on the “go” today compared to 10 years ago, so taking out just a single minute or two to leave a helpful comment is rarely done. Very sad 😦

    Oh, KJ turned out to be a bitch, how?

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  2. Grats on your Paragon mount luck!
    The Cloudwing Hippogryph is from Azsuna. I’m working (slowly) on the moose from Highmountain with Kamalia. Kaelinda will hit Exalted with Suramar long before she finishes the storyline due to regularly doing WQs there, so she’ll just keep going and hopefully she’ll get the flying carpet sooner rather than later.

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