WoW and the Old West

Handsome Cowboy: “Aren’t you forgetting that you are married?”
Mae West: “I’m doing my best.”

WoW and the Old West

There are plenty of parallels to America’s Old West and the Internet and lots of people have written their comparisons. Not an original idea of mine by any means.

One of the “codes” of the Old West was that you did not have to tell where you came from or why you were in the West. What you did in that moment was what mattered and you could take as long a stride as you could bear. They even talked about “making big tracks” across the land.

This code is exactly the same in the World of Warcraft. You don’t have to say what you do for a living or your military background or level of education. You don’t even have to claim a gender. It is what you do in the game that matters and you can go as far as you dare to try and, hopefully, try again.

This is a very good thing.

I like that my character can stand on his own without needing to be propped up by anything more than my flashing fingers on the keyboard and mouse. Sometimes in a friendly raid group, when a treasured piece of loot is rolled on, players who are not eligible will roll to sort of jive the person who wants that piece. We saw a druid roll on a mail piece. He said, “I identify as a hunter.” I thought that this was clever and poked fun at our current society.

Not only does your character stand on his own without needing your gender, job or education to validate (in a way) his existence but you don’t have to declare your age. I think that age is more outstanding as an identifier than any of the others because no one can help but shuffle a person into a partition.

“Each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.” George Orwell

This is human nature.


The only label I need to play this game is Druid.



7 thoughts on “WoW and the Old West

  1. Oh, that’s an easy one to answer.
    The secret of the universe is..
    Hold on, someone at the door,
    Can I help you?
    Wait, what are you doing?
    No, I didn’t tell them yet,
    What do you mean I can’t tell them,
    Ohhhhhh, I see, so they are the one?
    Wow, I did not know. Ok. Thanks for the heads up.

    Ok, where was I. Lets see, the secret to making a cheese steak.

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  2. I absolutely love that video games transcend so many barriers that would normally get in the way of meeting new people. Age is one.
    I saw the best example of this on the weekend when I popped down with my own junior gamers to a cafe and saw a massive gathering of random people outside the (closed sadly) cafe. It turned out it was a pokemon go raid just ending. Seeing that I and one of my kiddos play, we tagged along with the group to the next raid just a few streets over. The ages ranged from around 5 up to what would definately be well over retirement age and we were all talking and laughing and comparing stories. An unlikely gathering of random strangers that made an awesome start to the day.

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