The Trial of Style

“All generalizations are dangerous, even this one.”
Alexandre Dumas

Try the Trial of Style

It’s fun.

It’s short.

And why not?

The micro-holiday is up right now. There is a Transmogrifier dude in the Enchanting hut and you can ask him to cue you up. You’ll be ported to the Magister’s Terrace and have a couple of minutes to meet the challenge.

You are one of the voters and there is a theme like Epic Purple. I think there might be around ten themes, offered at random when you enter the parlor of fun.

I lost the two times I tried it, once on a female mail hunter and once on a male leather druid. If I cued five more times and lost again, I’d still earn enough tokens to win the reward. If I won, I’d get my tokens faster and a Fashionable Shirt.

The fun for me was judging. The players I saw were very good and had complete sets that looked unique (meaning not a tier set or pvp season set). I used the /i to talk some tell jokes and I /cheer(ed) at the players too.

Even if you hate the micro-holidays, I recommend that you take the ten minutes and peek into the parlor and check it out.

It’s fun!

2 thoughts on “The Trial of Style

  1. I found it very fun, especially since you can emote and all on stage too, and people were so creative 🙂 I imagine it would be great in a group of friends!

    This event is actually one of those I would love to see was cross-faction. That surely should be doable.

    I was actually hoping for a post from you on this, about all the toys you were using inside! 😀

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