Patch 7.3: Tomorrow!

“It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy…Let’s go exploring!”
Calvin and Hobbes

Patch 7.3: Tomorrow!

I’ve skirted and skated around the data-mining. I know a bit about professions and the Netherlight Crucible but I don’t know the names of the zones or really what the planet looks like. I’m very excited to see new stuff.

The Many-Faced Devourer is on the Wowhead site but his location is not. This is one mob that I want to kill but it is also the creepiest because the drop is a Dreanai child, a little girl named Uuna.

The flavor text says, “One of the many children thought lost in the battle for Argus, only to find themselves infused into an Ur’zul. The location of this NPC is unknown.”

Here is the deal. Not only does this child get yanked from the dead body of a monster but, we are even creepier ourselves, we make this child our own pet! Ack. We’ll have to see but I’m not sure I can do it. Way back in the Shalozar Basin we were tasked with tormenting baby monkeys with a stick — I couldn’t do that. For that matter, the opening Death Knight sequence was unsettling too (well designed though).

Patch 7.3 is do or die for Blizzard. This is the last “big” patch of the expansion. And it is almost September, one year from the launch. Will this patch carry us for a full year? It it almost like the same rhythm of past expansions but packed with more stuff. The new raid will probably in in two months and I guess that eight months in the final raid is better than a full year — I am serious, this might really work out just right.

I am curious about the “sandbox” features. In the Dev chats they described zones like the Timeless Isle on Argus, will that be included in the patch tomorrow or is that a treat that we’ll get in March 2018?

What will you do on Patch Day? I think I’ll get onto the ground on Argus and ride, ride, ride. I’ll look to opening the portals and opening up the map. Fun stuff!

3 thoughts on “Patch 7.3: Tomorrow!

  1. Oh, I must admit, I do find the whole Ur’zul and Uuna to be a tad too much, honestly…

    “The opening Death Knight sequence”, you say, what was that, will you tell me?

    I did hear that they plan on, maybe not more raids, but more content, such as storytelling etc. before a new expansion. I am fine, either way, I’ll never be bored.

    On Patch Day, I am not sure yet, Im just working on clearing quest log 🙂 Maybe I’ll explore without a map! I’ll just wing it…;)

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