Complicated Systems

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”
Thomas Edison

Complicated Systems

Kudos to Alunaria and her For Azeroth!.

After 80 pulls on Heroic Mistress Sassy, our raid team finally downed this tough boss. It took a nerf this week on one of the mechanics by Blizzard, so we were not the only ones stumbling about in the water.

Candidly, when we first started trying this boss, we were not prepared. While healing this thing, week after week, I noticed that mechanics that would wipe us early could now be survived. We got stronger and tougher each week until we finally killed her. At that point, after so many wipes, it wasn’t about the gear, it was about the kill!

Perhaps we could have downed her sooner if we’d have added a fourth healer. How can you know if it is lack of heals, failing at mechanics or (check this box) other? I completely understand the hesitation of pugging in a single healer for your settled raid team. Even with so many failures: I enjoyed myself and my group.

Last night our Mumble failed and we all shuffled over to Discord. You know what that means, don’t you?

Cat pictures.

Everyone had to post cat pictures and everyone else had to coo and caw over each others pretty precious pets. It was smiling funny.

I know that it is only Chapter One on Argus but I am wondering about quests. The first two Chapters will be shorties and then, finally, open up the Netherlight Crucible.

What will be in the third chapter? Where are the quests? Back in the day, Borean Tundra had something like 60 quests with stories and tasks and adventure. That was a mere zone and we are on a new world — I hope that there are clusters of quests in our future and things to go find and discover.

And good roads. If we can’t fly, I’d like to ride unmolested for a stretch to complete a quest. Any quest. Maybe, let’s say, a little ghost girl who has lost her doll…

Uuna has not arrived yet but is now a daily attempt.

Lucid Nightmare will be on the table this afternoon, I have a friend who will escort me through the “secret” pathways to get this mount.

I am only at 500 Darkmoon Faire Tickets. I need 1000 for the (very) cool mount and so this will take me a few months of dedication. Well worth this goal, I like the look of this mount!

We players are engaged in the game. I began wondering today at how complicated some parts of the game’s design has become. I no longer imagine my past life with a full compliment of Alt Professionals, fully equipped in Blacksmithing and Leatherworking and with stacks of mats for my any whim — those days are long buried under a Legion sized heap of Player Engagement.

As the expansions stack and the challenge for designers to keep us playing and moving forward and “time spent” as a metric, I ask this question: will we eventually decide to become specialists in single areas of this game?

2 thoughts on “Complicated Systems

  1. Wow, 80 pulls. Dedication. And that quote sure fits 🙂 Congrats on the progress 😀

    Hah, Discord means cat pictures?

    Yes, the planet does seem rather small. As if we are cut off from a huge part of it – and I do not mean the “unlocked area”. I mean in general, where we run; I somehow feel as if i am not really exploring each corner of the map, if that makes sense.

    Uuna, where from?

    Oh, that Lucid Nightmare…It was the one thing I looked forward to the most in 7.3, ever since it was datamined. But those “games” it involves are so not up my alley at all 😦 I wish you luck though, have fun 🙂

    Hm, good question. I guess it matters a lot, how much time one has to dedicate to the game overall too.

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