Argus: Week Two

“I don’t like to go to the movies to see violence or some kind of spy thing with all kinds of information you have to assimilate to understand the plot.”
Pia Zadora

Argus: Week Two

It is only Day Two of Week Two in 7.3 but we are seeing the game unfold. Unless I’m missing something completely, the quests for this week take about two hours. As brief as they are, they push the story forward. I have to school myself to read it all because I can get anxious and want to “get it done”.

The only quest that I’ve not finished is the Big Invasion that needs a raid team. If my raid teams don’t take us there, I’ll join a pug later in the week. The Little Invasions are fun, one jumps into a portal to another world and joins a few comrades clearing three phases. I like doing that!

My guess is that most players who’ve opened up the new zones on Argus will have 60 traits filled out on their Artifact Weapon. I think the mathematical mechanics will ensure that is so. I also think that the 15 ilevel points will be the difference maker, not how many relic boosts you have.

If there are bread crumb quests to the new fishing guys, I’ve not seen it. It will be on the Broken Shore and I hope it is fun. Straight up killing World Bosses on Argus will not satisfy for long.

MMO Champs posted a tread from the forums here. It is about why we don’t have flying on Argus. The moderator must’ve taken politician classes: he’ll say “not in my experience” to wipe out a solid point. And this guy is strong too, the comments are at the Baiting Level and put him on the defensive. Whether you care about flying or not, reading the interaction was incredible! Man, they attack this guy and he’s tough.

In conclusion, play however you want. You get a mounted speed bonus if you Explore Argus but I can’t feel it. I doubt that it stacks on our guild perk, I don’t know.

7 thoughts on “Argus: Week Two

  1. Thank you for keeping it spoiler free 🙂

    I look forward to see the new area, I haven’t had time yet!

    Mounted bonus for mounts only, or can be benefit in your travel form?

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