7.3: First Foray into Fishing

“Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.”
Will Rogers

Foray into 7.3 Fishing

The new fishing for this patch, I have just begun to dabble in it. I don’t know what the lure is to fish but I am hooked.

The choice is still to join a raid team. Continuous fishing for Shiny Baubles is the key and a raid team will have the special White Baubles to keep it going. It is pretty fun for awhile and I’d suggest keeping at it for an hour or less.

I use my Rubber Duck bobber as a one hour timer.

The fishing guy rotates daily and is on the Wowhead daily chart. So, I just left Shield’s Rest and on the daily reset, if I choose, I’d be in Suramar.

Shiny Baubles are the currency for Rep with each different trainer and also to buy the prizes. Mostly the prizes seem to be toys. The End Game is the Achievement and also a new look to your Undersomething Angler fishing pole — which I believe is a new tint and I think that is dumb and would rather have had a new look like a Jeweled Pole instead of an icky fish head fishing pole.

Update: Shiny Baubles seem to be for Stormheim and Suramar uses Golden Minnows!

It is always the choice to jump in early in a patch when many are doing the same thing or waiting, aware that there will always be a group of people playing at fishing.

You won’t see the fishing guy unless it is his day to be up. You’ll want to look for the Something is Fishy buff to know that you are in infested waters. I think that the Shiny Bauble currency is universal so you could fish and save the tokens. The caveat is that the fishing guy will take your tokens even if you are maxed at Best Friend — so caution!

Personally, I want the first toy from Corbyn and I don’t care about the second (which is yet another bobber). I will try to be specific on which toys that I am fishing for with each trainer and then decide if I want to finish the whole thing off.

It is a nice distraction and an easy-listen-to-a-podcast activity. I’d give it a try. You don’t need anything to play, start at zero if you want.

A lot of people hate fishing but I have always enjoyed stopping the constant running from place to place in WoW and settle in a chat with my guild and listen for the splash of a hooked fish or … discarded boot.

4 thoughts on “7.3: First Foray into Fishing

  1. I really like fishing. But it has been one of the things that have been very neglected for me in Legion. Not even sure where to begin. So thank you for the informative post 🙂

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