Round and Around our Game

“Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.”
Gertrude Stein

Round and Around our Game

First up are the very fun Undocumented Changes in patch 7.3:

I’d like to add that I’ve noticed that my Druid flight form, when uncaging a prisoner for example, is more prone to being interrupted.

Of all the changes, the most welcome for me is that I can use my Angler’s Fishing Raft on all of my characters. I’d done the long rep grind on two of my guys but now all of my guys can enjoy this fantastic quality of life toy.

A Hot Fix on Sept. 12 will change the way we play a little bit.

Therefore, the weekly quest Invasion Onslaught will be changed from ‘collect 15 Argus Waystones’ to ‘complete 3 Invasion Points’. Argus Waystones will no longer be obtainable in the game, and any Argus Waystones on your character will be automatically converted into Veiled Argunite.

One can no longer “get ahead” by saving up but instead will have to do three minor invasions each week before allowed into the big one. I agree that it was confusing with no clue about how many pieces were needed to enter the big one at all, anywhere that I ever saw.

Veiled Argunite as a currency will be capped at 2000 instead of 1500 with this hot fix on the 12th. My jury is still out because I feel that I have out-geared the vendor already. I’ve been buying relics so I can play with the Crucible but that will soon lose it’s luster.

I am Best Friends with Impus on the Broken Isles. I fished with a nice and chatty ever-evolving raid team for about two hours, maybe a little more.

I don’t think that you can stack higher than 100 with this currency, so you can’t go mind-numb and fish endlessly; you have to turn-in to Mr. Impus. And, the toy purchased at the highest rep costs 100; so near the end I kept my bags open with a sure count.

The reason that you fish with a raid team is that you can fish up a token that will call a monster that, once killed, will give an area buff to make sure that you are fishing up the rep items and not some ucky icky fish that you don’t want. More fishers means more monster tokens to keep that buff up constantly.

And … many of those fishers had the Wheeee buff from the Darkmoon Faire to up their rep grind by 10%. Pretty clever players!


One thought on “Round and Around our Game

  1. Oh yay undocumented changes, always fun to see!
    Thank you 🙂

    Those hot fixes sure were nice too, glad to see.

    Still have tokens to buy for upgrades here, slowly working my way up 🙂

    Happy fishing!

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