I Felt Nothing

“And I dug right down to the bottom of my soul
To see how an ice cream felt.
Yes, I dug right down to the bottom of my soul
And I tried to melt.”

Nothing from A Chorus Line

I Felt Nothing

Yesterday I got the big upgrade for patch 7.3. Fifteen ilevels to my weapon, this is a pretty big deal. I had enough traits or points in my Concordance to “tier two” two of my relics and picked two nice spells. I … am … a … god! Can no one stand before me?

We also raided last night. We one-shot the bosses, on Heroic, up to the Engine Boss which felt pretty good. Our “progression”, as they say, is on this boss and we’ve only downed him once. And we stalled.

I felt nothing. I was second in healing to a Monk. As a raid team, we’ve been together for this full expansion. We’ve fought these bosses together. There was no feeling of a boost or bump or an extra inch on my high heels. Did the new stuff work?

In 1975, Michael Bennett directed A Chorus Line. Candidly, when he started he had no idea what this show would be. So, he sat his dancers down and asked to hear their stories; why are they dancers? And he taped them. Then, Marvin Hamlisch performed a miracle and took all of those stories and made them songs.

A Chorus Line became a monster on Broadway. The big hit out of nowhere. That same year, Bob Fosse had a terrific little show called Chicago but it was over-whelmed by A Chorus Line. It swept the Tonys. And, think about it, the performers were telling their own story — this will never be duplicated. Every version of this show will always be a pale echo to the original.

A nice bit of trivia, Tharon Musser the lighting designer, designed a show so complicated that it had to use a computer; a programmable light board. For the first time the Union had to allow a computer to do the work of ten men because those men could not do that work. From then on, (we called them Memory Boards), computers were allowed to be used on Broadway.

Another odd bit; choreographers are still trying to capture that same magic by having dancers tell their auto-biographical stories to create work upon. It is sad to watch, I promise you. Without the miracle of Marvin Hamlisch, this is an empty road.

So, all last night, I had this song running through my head. It was from A Chorus Line and it is called Nothing. About an actress who is trying to improvise and be an sports car, be a ice cream cone. She tried to melt. But she felt Nothing.




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