Fisherfriend of the Isles

“There are only two occasions when Americans respect privacy, especially in Presidents. Those are prayer and fishing.”
Herbert Hoover

Fisherfriend of the Isles

Completing this achievement (5 points!) will take about ten hours of fishing, maybe a little more. It is broken down by zone, so really it is a couple of hours in each.

I finished it yesterday (9/19/17) in Suramar, which I thought would be the toughest zone because the pool you want to fish from is always moving. To my delight, it took the least time because of the other ways to collect the reputation tokens.

For my time and money, Blizzard did this series of tasks to get a new appearance for your fishing pole just about perfect. Plenty of variety, some humor (thank you Highmountain), not terribly odious and, as expected, mildly tedious.

The rewards are mostly new bobbers and that is fine. It feels a bit like lazy design, “Oh, the kids like bobbers? Let’s give ’em bobbers.” The toy from Corbyn and the toy from Highmountain: well, I like them a lot. I even made a macro so I can see my toys while playing at other things.

I don’t want to reveal spoilers and there are plenty of “how to” guides.

Making professions more fun or challenging was the task for Legion. Fishing is famous for being boring but the perks of owning an Underlight Angler is well worth the investment in play-time: if you are going to fish at all.

I do fish, I like it. I wish I could make a lot more gold from fishing. With the Harvester shoulder enchant I rarely am prompted to go fishing even when making stacks of Suramar Lavish Feast. Well done!

Again, I applaud Blizzard. It was “just enough” investment in the profession to make it fun, the reward of the fishing pole has advantages and the time spent is not horrible — there is zero hurry to get it all done.


6 thoughts on “Fisherfriend of the Isles

  1. Thank you for the insight, I had no idea what it took or involved. Now I am better prepared 🙂 I think, if one wants to do this – it’s best to do it while Legion is running, wouldnt you say? It sounds as if you benefit greatly by doing it in groups, and I imagine there are plenty of those around right now?

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  2. Done! A little later 😉 but hey. Fun to re-read this post now that I know more. You were so right; just the right amount of time to one can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and fitting rewards, peaceful to do, a little variety 🙂

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