My Fisherfriend Tips and Tricks

“There is a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot.”
Steven Wright

My Fisherfriend Tips and Tricks

Having completed this Achievement, I thought I’d share some of the things I learned about this fun little side journey in the game.

First of all, the guide on Wowhead is pretty good. It is especially helpful to find where to go. Wowhead on their Daily Header also posts who is up each day, but not immediately — yesterday’s person will be posted for a little while after Reset.

Each zone has a unique rep token. I made some mistakes there and ended up carrying tokens in my bags for a week or so. These tokens are good for nothing else except with the specific trainer in each zone.

Maximum stack for rep tokens is 100. Keep fishing and you think that you are collecting but you are not. In general, you are turning tokens in to get from Stranger, to Pal, to Buddy, to Friend and then (exalted) Best Friend. Be wary, the trainer will always take all of your tokens! So, if it is just tiny sliver to exalted, don’t stack up; do the turn-ins.

Each trainer has a toy at Friend for 50 tokens and a unique bobber for 100 tokens at exalted. When you are exalted and then buy the bobber, you are done with that zone!

Each zone has a unique monster that is called from the deep by a special item that is fished up. It will greatly enhance the chance of catching the rep tokens. So, use that item.

Suramar is very different from the rest. The special token to call the monster must be thrown while near the trainer or “you can’t do that right now” which was super confusing. Suramar’s monster drops tokens, so collect after a kill. And Suramar does not have a Friend 50 token toy, just the final bobber.

If you have the Underlight Angler, there is nothing wrong with advancing that pole with lures. I didn’t do it, but I think that since there are not official “pools” that it would kind of suck — but people were doing it. Use your Arcane Lure to catch lures, don’t spend rep tokens from the trainer.

Join a fishing group! It is much faster but also much more crowded. Val’Sharah seemed to be a tiny fishing pond; I remember scrolling full zoom forward to even see my bobber. Part of the fun, I think, is the preposterous situation of 30 players all crowded around a fishing pond.

Expect to catch the “old” bobbers rather quickly. The “can o’ worms” bobber is pretty good to use when trying to see which one is yours when many are floating on the pond.

Have some fun with it. With so many people fishing, the chat box is always full — so there won’t be many conversations. There might be a “raid leader” who will direct who is to throw the monster item into the pool or there might not; it is not critical at all.

Good luck fishing and I hope that you enjoy the experience!

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