Family Fighter – A First Look

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Family Fighter – A First Look

I’d read Bubbles of Mischief’s post on Family Fighter back in August. It is a good resource and worth a look!

This pet battle achievement is different in that each pet to battle must be fought with a class team; critter, aquatic, elemental, etc. With 18 Legendary pets and 10 different classes; that is 180 battles to be won to finish the achievement.

A very good guide is Xu Fu who list 209 different pets used (at 25 and rare, of course) in their strategy guide. AND to top it off; some pets need special traits like speed and health.

It is a good guide and I’ve had some success. I’d recommend to start with the Legendary pet Watcher as your first foe. The ten fights are straight-forward, the strats all work, there is no RNG and you will likely have the pets needed.

When stumped, you can try Wowhead too.

There are some nasty fights. There is one fight strat by Xu-Fu that has a 33% chance of success; so expect to forfeit and re-try over and over again. That was a pet over on Mac’ree, I forget which one.

I think that I’ve looked at about eight of the pets to fight on Argus.

My Zandalari Anklerender is too slow. I might have to go tame a new version with more speed, I’m not sure. According to this guide, it is used in 15 strategies.

Having had some experience now, I’ve learned to look at the comments for alternate pets and strategies. I wasn’t doing that at first and skipped some fights because I didn’t have the necessaries.

It takes less than an hour to run the ten classes through eact pet when using the Xu-Fu guide. Getting to the pet to fight can be a hassle! I’ve seem to have all of the pets needed, thank Elune. It is the traits and the RNG that can make it hard.

In general, I like fighting a new pet and learning my own strategy to win. But, in this case, I think a guide is worthwhile because the achievement is based on volume; that is a ton of fights and they are all against a Legendary foe.

I do encourage all to give it a try. It is a nice mini-game and something to do “on the side” instead of farming AP.

Bring some bandages, they stack to 200.

2 thoughts on “Family Fighter – A First Look

  1. Steady flow of great posts here 🙂 Thanks a lot! This is something I really want to attempt doing sometime, once my pet collection is bigger. I actually like the pet fights on Argus too, versus just one pet instead of three.

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