Family Fighter: Done!

“The truth is, a director wins an Oscar for a writer’s script and actors’ performances.”
George Cukor

Family Fighter

I completed this achievement today!

So … it can be done by an Average Joe player like me.

  • I followed the Xu Fu guide for the battles.
  • I did not have all of the pets. I was lucky with their Alternate strategies.
  • Most fights are straight-forward and follow a step-by-step sequence.
  • Not all fights are straight-forward and some have elements of RNG.
  • I only bought one pet off of the AH, the Zandalari Kneebiter with a high speed.
  • I did have to level up some pets that I had but were low level.
  • It was a pure pleasure to spend all of those stock-piled tokens and charms!

By far, far, far, the toughest fight is Aquatic Gloamwing. The best strategy out there (I looked everywhere) has a 33% chance of succeeding. Yikes.

Of them all, I liked the one on Xu Fu with the Ghostshell Crabs. This week is DMF week, so I fished up the pets a few days ago:

Dalgasen wrote on 09/11/2017
3 x Ghostshell Crab - 1-2-1 

This is RNG based, but not near as RNG as the ones above 

2:Spirit Spikes 
3:Spirit Claws - 1 hit (Doable) 2 hits (Perfect) 3 hits (You die, Restart) 
4:Pet dies 
5:Spirit Spikes 
6:Bubble - 1 hit (Restart) 2 hits (Depend on 3 first time) 3 hits (Perfect) 
7:Spirit Claws 
8:Spirit Claws 
9:Pass, dead. 
10:Spirit Spikes 
11:Bubble (Here you need to have a total of at least 7 hits with 'Spirit Strikes' active) 
12:Spirit Claws 
13:Spirit Claws 

This is how i got my achiev. Used 250+ bandages on the other tacs. This worked for me 

It took me about 50 tries. I was prepared! I had bandages and expected a lot of re-tries until it all clicked into place.

The community is very good. Players post their successful strategies and you can see the comment sections grow daily. So, there is hope for us guys who want the achievement but can get over-whelmed by the sheer volume required to be successful.

I am as proud of this Achievement as I was completing the Celestial Tournament during Mists of Pandaria.

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