What’s Next For Me in WoW

“This wasn’t just plain terrible, this was fancy terrible. This was terrible with raisins in it.”
Dorothy Parker

What’s Next for Me in WoW

To update; I’ve run the table on the Fishing and Pet Battle Achievements. I’m also at 68 traits in my Artifact weapon and just a sliver from Exalted with the two new factions on Argus.

On a whim, I blew through some gold on tokens to get the Virtual Ticket and the very cool mount. Gladly spent and well received!

One thing that I have not done is the Ahead of the Curve achievement for killing Heroic KJ. Having earned AotC (all with the same raid team) on Lei Shen, Garrosh, Black Gate, Xavius, Gul’dan and Xavius: my expectation is to earn this Feat of Strength and it has not happened.

I think Blizzard may have blown it on the timing of their content. We should be deep into Heroic ToS and over-confident of our powers and learning the tactics of the fights – and we are not there yet. According to the Armory I have 18 kills on Garoth but only 2 kills on the Desolate Host and then it stops. We won’t count the wipes, okay?


Players are losing interest.
Whether it is that we have been running this raid for too long or not progressing or, I think, not over-geared from outside sources like Argus: players are starting to fade away. Piddling around on Alts or exploring Destiny 2.

I am not confident that I’ll be following a well-worn path for my raid team to get the Ahead of the Curve this time. That well-worn path is not giving us the means to achieve and succeed.

So, what’s next then? Having delved and dived into the time sinks of fishing and pet battling to completion, it is time to look around the game to see what else is offered.

For me, no, not PvP. I love it but it is a different game than PvE which I am steeped in deeply.

Right now, I’m leveling a Mage (piddling around on Alts) with the sole intention of earning a toy. Seriously, that is my time. I want the little flying saucer for my pet to ride around upon.

Not being the cocky player who has killed Heroic KJ effects me in a bad way. Following the Blizzard path of “time spent” has not taken me to my goal. I have five or six off-spec Legendary pieces — that, my friends is “time spent”. Those pieces have all been earned in my Resto spec, rolling over to off-spec because I’ve capped my spec’s options.

So, help me out. What is next for me? Have any ideas?

10 thoughts on “What’s Next For Me in WoW

  1. I see what you mean about blowing it on timing the content. It must not be easy going inside ToS with half a team, if players are beginning to lose interest. I wish you good luck ahead!

    Hm, what is next for you…Care to link your armory profile, so I can get some insight into your achievements – that might make it easier to narrow down the suggestions? 🙂

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  2. Are you looking for current content to do or old? Maybe you could start collecting the old raid xmog sets for your druid? I think when I come back I’ll get back onto the xmog set collecting.
    Part of my lacklustre feels at the moment is being so overwhelmed by the ridiculous ap grind. Facing the billions of ap needed even with ak boosts is just demoralizing. It was fine when it was just concordence because it didn’t feel mandatory but tying unlocking relics to concordence levels just feels too much grind atm.

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  3. I’m coming to this post late, but if you have gold to spend on a virtual ticket, consumables for friends etc., depending on your server you could easily buy a ‘carry’ to ahead of the curve with gold.

    If there are progressed mythic guilds on the server, send each GM an in-game mail asking about price and timing for an AOTC kill. I’d estimate you could tag along for a kill (no loot) for 100,000g or even much less.

    And if your raid group is stuck on maiden – which is IMO a fairly fun fight but mostly a mechanics check, where one person can mess it up for the whole group – I’m not sure I’d be quick to blame Blizzard for that.

    If you value staying with your current team/friends over a more high-achieving guild, that’s completely fine, but realize that you are choosing to make a tradeoff. From your discussion of the game, I would bet you can hold your own in a 3/9M, or more, guild if you wanted. You are choosing to not be that progressed by staying with your current team – again, that is fine, but it is a choice.

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