Dev Chat Oct. 5th

“Begin by seizing something which your opponent holds dear; then he will be amenable to your will.”
Sun Tzu

Dev Chat Oct. 5th

MMO Champs has a summary here.

We watch them to get new information.

What we got this time was yet another defense of RNG and an assurance that everything is awesome. I’m glad it didn’t look like a chore to Watcher and Lore, we understand that this is a good service to the community.

Maybe it is nice to hear that they know that players can be “locked” into a 2pc and 4pc tier set with 2 set Legendary pieces and the despair of knowing that there are no upgrades in sight on many bosses. Personally, I’m really tired of my Nighthold set in the Tomb of Sargeras.

The Mythic Dungeon Invitational must have been really good for the developers. They are excited. They want to design more for this kind of thing: competitive speed runs through dungeons. Bring back utility to more classes!

I think that the audience for the DevChat must be the higher-end players. In the language of Watcher it is assumed that everyone is running Heroic and Mythic raids. He said, “Maybe you can bring an Alt to your Heroic raid team”. And more, but maybe that is the 5% player base that is the audience for DevChat.

My expectation in watching was to get news.

Not stuff on balance or tier sets or AK or missions; those things are what they are in the game.

I wanted to know when the next patch is dropping or when the next raid is dropping.

It wasn’t even one of the questions!

I didn’t get that … so, I feel, it was an hour of wasted time.

5 thoughts on “Dev Chat Oct. 5th

  1. I hear you! I did read the summary but havent spend time watching the video. I see no need to. It seems far too “arranged”.

    I have read they will nerf some of those Nighthold Setbonuses? Is that for real? Or did I misread somewhere?

    Press on, heroes.

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  2. Having a Q&A so close to Blizzcon was probably unwise – there wasn’t really anything there, other than the legendary token thing. I’ve just been reading the recaps because short of the fun big reveals and pre-patch Q&As, it rarely seems like a whole lot comes out that I have to see live – and if something interesting happens, there will be a clip up later so I can just watch that.

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