Calling On WoW

“Doing what needs to be done may not make you happy, but it will make you great.”
George Bernard Shaw

Calling on WoW

Last night we had a new healer in our raid. The player had run as DPS and had switched to Healer for the fun of it. I found myself calling out Healing Cooldowns.

I also found myself falling back into the rhythm of calling cues as a Stage Manager in the Theater. I don’t call raids and admire those that do. Usually it is enough to whisper, “hero” in the mic; sometimes it is much more.

I was kind of grooving on using my old cadence and skills in calling and recognize that they can be handy in WoW.

My Calling Creds:

  • Stage Manager for many community theater musicals.
  • Two seasons with a ballet company.
  • Many (many) shows of calling my own designs in one-off settings (think festivals and weekend concerts).
  • I’ve even taught this stuff and, believe me, it is easier to teach it than do it!

The Anatomy of The Call
While not totally necessary in WoW, these three help you take command of the mic on your raid team. The three calls are: Warning, Standby and Go.

The Warning call is a long time ahead, usually for scene shifts to warn the stage hands to walk over and get into place. I called a Warning last night as the moon phase was over to the edge to clear stacks and prepare for Eclipse.

The Standby call is just seconds before the execution. Get your mouse ready on the button.

The Go call is for the execution.

In Action
Warning Healer One for Eclipse cooldown, clear your stacks.
Standby Healer One
And Healer One …. Go!

Warning Healer Two for Eclipse cooldown, clear your stacks

Be a Happy Dork

Granted, it is overly-professional to insert into a raid setting. The language is the same all over the world in theater, ballet, opera, rock and roll — any stage setting where the calls must be precise.

I was in a Live TV truck one time. The guy didn’t say Go, he snapped his fingers for the most precise execute that you can imagine. Sure, his guys were all in the truck next to him but it was clean. One can’t do that in the theater or in a raid.

The common mistake for rookies is to say “Go Healer One”. By the time Healer One knows it is him, the Go time has already passed. “Healer One Go” will keep it clean and sure. On the G of Go, hehe.

It Might Be You
It is possible that you might be asked to call out a cooldown, some of the timing in raids on progression are precise and intense.
“Ready Big Heals”
“Big Heals Go”

It’s fun.

2 thoughts on “Calling On WoW

  1. This post was amazing. I love when you speak of WoW and your experience behind the scenes IRL like this. It makes me miss raiding so much. Oh, how much fun it was to belong to a team of friends, getting assigned to something specific, executing the strategy together, standing by, waiting to be called out.

    Good thought on the order one must call out in, to avoid delay 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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