This Like Affair with WoW

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”
Pablo Picasso

A Like Affair with WoW

It sure is good to be back to WoW. My week-long trip to see family was terrific, loving, meaningful and warm. Logging back in after a time let me reassess what I’m doing in the game.

I found that I had been doing some things repetitively mindlessly stupidly.

I also found that some of that stuff which is pretty pointless, well, I like to do them!

  • I like having my (now) 108 hunter do the Crysa daily in hopes of another Albino Buzzard. That toon has been out there since the launch of Legion.
  • I like flipping through my three tailors for the steps in making Hexweave Bags. Even though I toss the bags in our guild vault for anyone to grab.
  • I like making and spending gold. This is totally pointless. I spent almost a million gold last month and still have 2.3 million. What an endless loop of play time.

I still like Timewalking and Raiding with friends. The friend’s part trumps the task every time. I got a lot of hearty whispers of “welcome back”.

I like that I can use the Wand of Simulated Life to make a sheep and it will jump on my new Magical Saucer. So I can have TWO pets following me! What a goofy game.

Is anyone doing Archeology? I stopped during WoD and was glad that I did. It might be time to dabble again now that I’m strong and walk like a god across the Broken Shores.

Now that I’m done with the Mage campaign, I’ve decided to work on a Warrior for the lore, campaign and mount — the class hall and flight path is totally fun!

I know that you can argue that it is all pointless and I’d have to agree. However, is there any pointless thing that you do in WoW just because you like it?


4 thoughts on “This Like Affair with WoW

  1. I guess I do pointless things every single day πŸ˜› I can’t come up with ONE thing I do that aint pointless, hah. Maybe it’s the way I look at it in WoW, everything is essentially pointless πŸ™‚ But pointless because I LIKE it, thats a whole other story. Hm. Good question. Underwater adventures. Entering Ironforge even though I am meant to fly by, just to listen to the epic music; one of few major city music themes that have not changed since the beginning. Stuff like that πŸ™‚

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