Spring Kite Festival

Bert: Good bye, Mary Poppins, don’t stay away too long.

Spring Kite Festival

Today’s blog challenge from Z and Cinder is to design our own holiday. Click this link to see what other crafty bloggers are dreaming up.

During Wrath of the Lich King, in the first weeks of the expansion, I remember well running on the Borean Tundra and seeing kites! The Tuskarr guys have kites in the game and I dearly wanted one. I don’t have that kite (TCG item) but I do have the Dragon Kite (also a TCG item).

There are many Balloons and Kites in the game that players can use for this holiday or perhaps purchase one from a vendor for a copper. Perfect for a micro-holiday.

The Spring Kite Festival,Β  takes place in the Valley of the Four Winds (of course) in Pandaria. Players can fly their kites or balloons. Players can release their kites or balloons to let them sail away because we all want to do that. Gusts of winds might lift you up off the ground (don’t let go!) and fly you up and around in a big circle. The kites have balls of line so you can fly your kite really high if you want to do that.

There is a special area for Kite Fighting, using your kite’s string to cut another players line! For achievements! For Honor Points!

The vendor from the Amphitheater of Anguish in Zul’Drak will be there and if you /wave at him, you can get a bag of peanuts; just like you can at the Ammphitheater! His current list is: a Bag of Peanuts, a Bag of Popcorn and Anguish Ale. I think he might have more on this holiday.

It is a no mount/no fly zone; I’m sorry but rules are rules. Special NPC’s will give you the Mary Poppins buff so you look like you are dressed from the movie.

I remember my Dad making a kite out of newspaper when I was a little kid and I think we all have a little kid in us; wanting to go fly a kite!

6 thoughts on “Spring Kite Festival

  1. I came back to the post to say “thank you” for posting the Mary Poppins video πŸ™‚

    The story is as follows: in childhood I read only 2/4 of Mary Poppins books (which I liked), I saw a russian movie (which I hated except for the excellent songs), and I never knew there was a Disney movie – which is quite surprising – as I’m a Disney fan, and I thought I were aware of every notable piece.

    Thanks to your post, I went to reading all the four books to complete my experience, and also watching the 5-Oscar “Mary Poppins” of 1964 which is gonna be followed by “Saving Mr.Banks”. I’m loving every second of Disney version, the acting is awesome, the dialogues and songs are funny, and the songs are so cool. The movie lasts over 2 hours, and I’ve watched the first 40 minutes before my bedtime yesterday, eager to continue today.

    It’s brilliant how you could accidentally come across the stuff which makes its way into your Top-β„– lists.

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