Coming Soon: Blizzcon

“As cynical as I can be, there’s always a part of me that believes in love and the fairy tale.”
Lily James

Coming Soon: Blizzcon!

I have the Virtual Ticket and I love the two-person mount; it is pretty tricked out.

I am also on a teeter-totter about my interest in this huge convention. Here’s the deal: nothing will happen that will impact my life. Information on the next expansion will be fine but since I’m playing it anyways, I don’t need to be sold on it.

Even though I don’t play Overwatch and Hearthstone and the rest, I’m very glad that WoW is part of a larger franchise of games. I’m super-glad that I’m not at a crowded convention, I’ve done that in my professional life and didn’t like it much except that I was paid to be there!

I’m playing Legion right here, right now. There are parts of the game that should be fixed and the designers should be accountable and a live Q&A would be the time to do it … but, I fear it will be all about the announcement; just imagine if they announced something like Player Housing, no one would be talking about a crappy RNG rewards system.

It is natural to be excited about the next thing, “how does it work?”, and that is what the convention is all about along with a celebration. The celebration part is something I really like, everything else strikes at my cynical discordant tamborine.

No, I did not download the app to my phone.

So, I might watch a panel because I can and I paid for it. I won’t be there so I can’t celebrate with everyone. I really like the mount.


3 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Blizzcon

  1. I am really looking forward to it but as you, I am also living in the moment and playing right here and now. I never quite got the “a new patch gets released so let’s jump on the ptr for the next one already!”

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