C’mon Blizzcon!

“Pray, and let God worry.”
Martin Luther

C’mon Blizzcon!

I enjoy reading bloggers and two recent posts seem to be on the same lines but different, if that makes sense. Kaylriene posted today with a very long title and Alunaria posted her wish list for blizzcon.

Go read their stuff, interesting pieces from smart writers.

For me, the expansion experience is a head-long rush to max level at any price. Willing to sacrifice the depth of the experience, I have pressure to be ready for the group content. And that is not good. Blizzard needs to design a much slower and relaxed pace leading up to group content — push that first raid way in the future from the launch.

The zones and quest-lines and lore and story are all super important to good game play and the design investment is huge; tagging on the requirement for Loremaster in each zone is not solving the pace and the pestering need to advance your character.

With Blizzard understanding that a two-year expansion cycle is needed to have the proper time to design the next expansion; expanding the opening experience and letting the patches and group content roll out later would mean that we don’t have horrible lulls at the end of the expansion. Those design boys need to learn the value of foreplay, they keep jumping into the bed when we need more romance and anticipation.

The designers admitted to being way too in love with the new scaling technology and had to restrain themselves from inserting it into everything. I fear that zone scaling is here to stay without a proper trial and jury system to consider if it works well for the leveling experience. Rather than filling each glass, we are given an ice cube tray to fill all of them at the same time; they are the same and even — every fight is the same when you are leveling and we need to feel increasingly powerful as players.

I liked the WotLK leveling experience with the first zone and its neighbor having a mirrored two zones on the other side. You could Borean Tundra and then Shalozar Basin and then drift over to I-forget-its-name and Grizzly Hills, now much stronger but able to enjoy the story without dying every three steps.

The balancing of player strength vs in-depth story is critical; face it, the fights take too long. I agree with WatcherDev that one-shotting everything is silly but they can change the timing so it is not 20 seconds for each fight but, instead, 8 seconds.

So, my own response to the two blog posts for the next expansion is as follows:

  • Getting to level 60 in Vanilla was a very long walk but brings back some great nostalgia, our current zip for ten levels for new expansions is too fast.
  • Zone scaling may be great technology but may not not the best experience.
  • Spreading the content over a two-year cycle might be better served with a slower leveling experience to max level. I know, I keep saying the same thing but differently.
  • Questing fights and World Bosses take too long when soloing. I solo’d a 112 today and it felt like it took forever, not that it was a challenge; it was just too long.

If I were the King of the Devs, I’d make the weekly World Bosses all over Azeroth and make them true “world” bosses.

And on and on, we’ll learn a lot at Blizzcon and there will be much to be excited about but having been influenced by the above two bloggers, I think I might be more interested in the “game mechanics” panel now!

Happy hunting and may all your hits … be crits.


2 thoughts on “C’mon Blizzcon!

  1. You are bringing up a really valid point there! I wholeheartedly agree. I would love to see that raids wouldn’t be there right away – and to see more encouragement when it comes to questing and taking it slow.

    Urgh, did the designers really say that about scaling? I worry it will taint the rest of the world 😦

    You are on to something about World Bosses. Perhaps that is the intention behind those Dragons of Nightmare that are meant to arrive at some point?

    Come on Blizzcon, for sure!

    PS. N’aw, thank you so much for referring to me as smart!

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