Testify About My WoW

“Constant use had not worn ragged the fabric of their friendship.”
Dorothy Parker

Testify About My WoW

Blizzcon is over. With my Virtual Ticket, I’ve tried to watch several of the panels but the stream freezes up and I have no skates. I really hope that gets fixed. I want to see the Boss Design and the WoW Q&A before I go thumbing through the other choices.

One of the many sites reporting on Blizzcon has a slideshow of the Costume Contest. I love these guys! One costume had internal lighting that looked awesome. I’d love to ask some about their choices, who’d think to make an Underlight Angler? I also noticed and am pleased to see the range of costumes, gone are the days when everyone flipped out over the hot girl in the skimpy outfit!

I’ve been to many conventions but I’ve never seen (while watching these streaming feeds) so many people testify. It is like going to church and hearing how their lives were changed. I never heard that from a salesman hawking the RZXM Converter for DMX3 to DMX4a.

I’m still loving my guild. We are up to the Quiz Phase.
Whispers on “did you see the …”. I’m trying to keep up! Really, for WoW players, the only news is that we are getting another expansion and, at least mechanically, it will meet expectations and standards.

Q: Anything in the works to help with guild recruitment?
A: We talk about a lot, but we don’t have anything right now for it. We hope that communities features will maybe be an approach to this but I’m sure we’ll look at it in the future too.

Ouch. I can hear my Mom’s voice, “Honey, I’m sure that it’ll be fine.”

Nothing on guild improvements! For years now! I have not seen the panel videos yet but why didn’t anyone pin them down? You can’t just accept this shit — these guys are not powerful people to be in awe of at all.

Any hope that I had for accountability, for a defense, for players to speak up in a live forum have been dashed. Blizzcon is preaching to the choir. Oh well, back to Twitter and the Forums, I guess.

No questions on Guild Housing or Player Housing — I thought that these things were important to players. Oh well.

Maybe next year.


4 thoughts on “Testify About My WoW

  1. About the stream, I friend of mine had the same problem when watching things live. But you can watch everything you want for the next month, and catch up with everything, as the ticket gives you access to all the videos for the duration of a month.

    Also, try to use another browser. Every time I used Safari, the stream would do tiny loops. Which seems funny at first, but it quickly enrages the most calm human xD
    Firefox seemed to do the trick.

    Some pretty cool panels there, about the boss design, music, etc. Hope I was able to help 🙂

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  2. Aw darn, shoot. Had hoped Blizzard would hear your call. It’s not too late though, I think we have just seen a draft of all there is to come, so far. Fingers crossed.

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