BfA: Personal Concerns

“I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.”
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BfA: Personal Concerns

Okay! A new expansion is coming, maybe in a year. None of us knows, but I think next September is a safe guess. Maybe someone does know!

Legion forced me to focus on my Druid who became my sole main. Knowing what I know now, I might have played differently but I felt that with the Artifact weapon that I’d have to play my main to be able to raid well.

And, in Legion, I played in my Resto-Druid spec using a bodyguard. I really enjoyed it even though it was slower, it fit my speed as a human. I’m pretty slow-paced when it comes to questing and world stuff. This Druid has done everything in Legion.

In WotLK, Cata, MoP and WoD; my Druid would painfully level to max and work to get enough gear to run the first raid and then … stop. That character would only dungeon and raid and do group content; period. My Hunter, bless his heart, would be the Adventurer. This character would do all the rep grinds, exploration, loremaster, questing, fishing, cooking, treasures: the whole rest of the game.

It worked great and I love playing WoW this way. Again, Legion stopped all of that because the forced us hard to stick to a Main (and a main spec too it felt). Two words: artifact power.

In BfA, it looks like we’ll have another type of Artifact Power grind for our neck medallion. This is something that we cannot neglect if we want to raid and be powerful in our role. At-a-glance, it looks like I’ll be playing again like I did in Legion (which is depressing).

Will I get a bodyguard? Will they keep the Affinity talent?
I have some major concerns.

Now, I could simply change my role and tell my raid team that in BfA that I want to tank or dps. I’ve never tanked, so why not? Leveling up in tank spec sounds as weary as leveling up, questing, repping, grinding as a healer!

I’m not sure yet, I’d have to go back and read but I think our Medallion plays across all specs. I could level-as-kitty or level-as-boomy but when it comes to dps, I’d rather play my hunter.

I am worried that my experience will be the same as Legion. I was and am pretty optomistic and put the best spin on things but when Legion forced us to focus on my main, I worry that I’ll have to do the same for BfA — and that kind of blows!

How will you play (or even will you play) in Battle for Azeroth? I need a good Raid Solution.

10 thoughts on “BfA: Personal Concerns

  1. I was worried at first about the Heart of Azeroth, but it is a one-per character thing, not per spec, and it does seem like it will be slightly easier than the artifact. How much so, who knows, but the indication I got from the panels is that this system will be far less grindy.

    As for leveling as a tank, I love it. It means you can do a lot more in shorter time. Instead of pulling a single mob, slowly beating it to death, eating, and moving on, you can pull a pack of mobs, as many as your gear and aptitude will allow, and then AoE them all down. Even in the Blizzcon demo, as Vengeance at item level 185, I could pull about 6 mobs at a time and burn them relatively fast. You usually need to start making use of your mitigation around that time, but it is fun for me to challenge myself to pull all the mobs for a single kill quest at one time!

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  2. Yes, I guess that was what I caught from Blizzcon. The level of necklace unlocks the circles of abilities on every next armor item, or so I understood. So when your necklace becomes level 10, you’ll be able to unlock third ability on every helm you come across.

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  3. Both my Holy Priest and Holy Paladin had that problem, it can be slow sometimes. The paladin has the advantage of plate armor and the holy shock critical hits, in addition to a few survivability cooldowns.

    I prefer other combat ally types instead of bodyguards. After trying out Rexxar on my hunter, I gave up on bodyguards, as he would attack every single thing on sight on his own. I use Nesingwary now. He shows up every once in a while, shoots and goes away.

    One of the things that helped me level other specs on my hunter was using some big AP tokens on the artifacts of another spec. After leveling your class hall and researching the artifact knowledge, tokens start having a lot of AP. A 500 million AP token will go a long way to help level another spec.

    I wish healers had World Quests catered to them, where you had to heal things instead of killing. It would help us, as some bosses are hard to kill with a healer xD

    That being said, I LOVE playing with my Blood DK. Its basically what Kaylriene said, I pull everything near me and hit them until they die, making use of Blood’s self healing when my health lowers.

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    • Yeah, aside from feeling like the bulk of the design choices are pointed at mythic plus; I think the designers need to take into account quality of life for solo play vs group content; bringing back buffs will help and I can only hope that Bear Tartare and the other one (one heals, one races) will work in BfA.

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  4. I haven’t levelled z as a bear but the after the fun I had levelling my DK and DH in tank spec and being able to pull the world and live through it, I’m going to try bear levelling next time.

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  5. Those are very valid concerns. I would really wish it was “easier” to play alts, even if you want to “keep up”. But I am afraid such systems as the AP grind is here to stay to please the player segment with all day to play. Other players just “gets caught” in it.

    I will always be Restoration specced. Shared tagging and easy access to finding groups makes it seem okay, I think.

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