Gold Rush: A New Raid

“I’m very proud of my gold pocket watch. My grandfather, on his deathbed, sold me this watch.”
Woody Allen

Gold Rush: A New Raid

We have the release dates for the new raid, as goblins we only care about the first two:
• November 28: Normal and Heroic difficulties
• December 5: Mythic difficulty and Raid Finder wing 1

What does a new raid mean? A lot of new gear! Consumables!

If you are an Enchanter, be ready with plenty of neck and ring enchants. I’d expect a nice price jump starting on the 28th and riding it for several weeks until the slowbee Enchanters catch up and flood the market.

Lavish Suramar Feast — I think that we’ll see a price jump because everyone (everyone) will be on Progression. You’d think that players would practice the fight a few times to get the mechanics and then buff up: but no. My raiders won’t start anything without the food buff. Sell in stacks of 20 to be polite.

Gems? It is hard to say. Personally, I expect my gear to be fluid early on until I settle into some pieces for a long haul. If you are a JC, be ready to toss some up on the AH and see how it goes.

Potions of Prolonged Power: you betcha! Mana pots and health pots, less so, I think.

Flasks: sell them in stacks of five because that is what is needed to make a cauldron. Cauldrons are account-wide and can not be sold. The Flask of the Ten Thousand Scars will likely be easiest sold because it is Stamina and so in less demand; meaning that a lot more agility etc. flasks will sell individually but if you are pointing to raiding and cauldrons, fewer Stam flasks will be up on the AH. And … just a thought, you might focus on a single kind of flask because you can push more procs for extras.

Tome of the Changed Talents — I usually sell them in stacks of five and they did very well early in Nighthold and ToS. I don’t know the fights in the new raid but if we see AoE bosses and then Single Target bosses, we might sell well!

Drums of Hero from WoD: they are super cheap to make and there will be small raid teams too. It is worth the chance, you might find a niche in the market on your server.

I don’t know anyone as anal compulsive as me. I have in my bags: speed potions, the Swiftness Potion for 50% run speed for 15 seconds, to race back after a wipe. I also have Draenic Swiftness Potions in my bank (70% run for 8 seconds) in case I run out of the older school pots. I figure that they gave Mass Rez to healers so it is my job to get back to the team while they all discuss strats and look at their recount numbers. I don’t know if all healers are anal compulsive but it might be worth trying to sell some stacks at a high price. It was a long run back to Mistress Sassy!

Vantus Runes — I believe that the recipe drops off the last boss of the raid. Whoever gets there first, wins.

I don’t use the Undermine Journal or Trade Skill Master because I am not a full-time goblin.

Have some fun with the new raid, fellow goblins!

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