Relax: Vacation on Argus!

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Relax: Vacation on Argus!

Today’s posting on
MMO Champs features highlights from an interview with two of the producers of WoW.

  • The team is hoping to start beta early next year.
  • The goal is to have Battle for Azeroth launch before the end of 2018.


Well then, we have a hint and a good hint from the guys who have to put it all together. “…before the end of 2018”.

So … that means that we will be here on Argus for a long, long, (long) time.

Tomb of Sargeras opened on June 20th. So, that is (counting on fingers) four months in this before-the-last raid with the next opening on Nov. 28th.

Hoping for the best, a release in early September, we’ll be in the last raid for (counting again) for nine months. The raids in Legion have been pretty good, probably a little too mechanic heavy, but good! Let’s hope for the same in the last raid.

I think that we’ll continue to do what we started in leveling up the different classes to see the story, order hall campaign and getting the mount and toys.

I wondered if 7.3.5 might drop early this December because the PvP season is ending on the 5th. Now, I sort of hope that it is much later; like in March.

Plenty to do still; toys, mounts, rep, gold, gear and more. Maybe for you, February will be Mount Month and you’ll focus on that. March for the Toys.

Relax! So much time still in this expansion.


3 thoughts on “Relax: Vacation on Argus!

  1. Nice, good to hear the new xpac is planned to come out before the end of next year. Glad we’ll have a lot of time on Argus as well. It’s an incredibly beautiful place that I still haven’t explored very well.

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