The Bored Healer

“Instead of working for the survival of the fittest, we should be working for the survival of the wittiest – then we can all die laughing.”
Lily Tomlin

The Bored Healer

Well, I am not a bored healer. This idea came up during the design of Legion and it seems to follow into the Battle for Azeroth. Which loud-mouth healers are complaining about being bored? I’d smack them.

A Quick Story
When I was about eight years old, I stood in the kitchen and complained to my Mom, “Mom, I’m bored!
She replied quickly, “A bored child is a dull child.
Well, that shut me up.
I’m not dull, in fact I refuse to be dull! Ever since that life-changing moment, I will never let boredom be my motive for any action or an excuse. Years later, I asked my Mom and she said she didn’t remember saying it.
It really did change my life!

If the healers are bored, it is on the healers if you ask me. The healers worked hard to earn the right to relax a little! At the point where one can be bored is when the team is executing a choreographed encounter as a team with a text-book kill — we should be happy and proud.

Again, MMO Champs is posting Dev interviews from Blizzcon; so much material from that convention! Today’s posting includes a very rare mention of healing! You can find it

Here are some bullet points:

  • The passive health increase on Artifact Weapons was essentially to also help healers heal into a set of players with higher health pools who take more damage that stays balanced with the amount of healing done.
  • Thorns and other design elements are being experimented with more to counter the issue of healing getting boring as players get stronger.
  • The team is pretty happy with where raid cooldowns are at now.
  • Steady damage is important to the design of healing in encounters.

To which I respond:

  1. That is very good but it is not Alt Friendly at all. Even with the boosts to AP and AK, I can “feel” when we have a new player on our Heroic raid and see them take a pounding.
  2. I’m not bored. I’m not!
    Resto-Druids had thorns early in the Legion Beta and they were taken away. I’d welcome them back for questing purposes, for sure.
  3. I think that most of our big healing cooldowns are all on three minute timers (unless talented as a major trade-off); I’d like to see the different classes with different timers. Our shammy has two big cooldowns, I like that.
  4. Is it? How about two-thirds of the encounters. Healers could get bored doing the same routine healing rotation!

All the above is about the Battle for Azeroth, the future expansion. I find it ironic then that the tier sets for Resto-Druid in this soon-to-be-here raid rely on Ysera’s Gift — a passive heal that works when I am standing and doing nothing (at least the two-piece, right?).



One thought on “The Bored Healer

  1. Heard, heard, heard!

    What IS this obsession with “bored”. Good story from your childhood. We have the same saying here.

    One could easily transfer that to Wow.

    A bored healer is a narrowminded healer. (In my oppinion, of course)

    Especially in Legion.

    Nothing to heal? That’s cool! Try to challenge yourself in other ways then. DPS! What, feared of running out of mana? Nope, Wrath costs zero mana.

    Or how about seeing how many toys can you use at the same time?

    Gosh. There is a world of possibilities out there, and being bored is not one of them!

    Be creative. We deserve that. It used to be one of my favorite times during raiding; once the entire team finally managed to dodge what had to be dodged of damage, giving me time to think outside the box and support the team in other ways.

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