Crush My Dreams, Blizzard

“It’s hard asking someone with a broken heart to fall in love again.”
Eric Kripke

Crush My Dreams, Blizzard


Correct, the Bronze-Tinted Sunglasses are only transmoggable during each year’s WoW Anniversary event.

I don’t have a Twitter account but I might get one just to bitch about it. My Baby Blizzard Bear is happy to visit with me all year long.

So …

Our raid team is parked at Heroic KJ. We’ll have tonight and Sunday to try for the AotC. We did some pulls after downing the Maiden and the Avatar last week. Yep, I have Vantus runes in abundance.

It is one of those fights where if one person makes a mistake, it is a wipe. In my most humble raiding opinion; that is bad design.

I’m looking forward to the attempts with my team but, I have to say, that I can sense a real apathy in our group and in players across the realm. Burn out, I guess. No sense of momentum and getting powerful enough to win, maybe. When players don’t care anymore, they don’t try hard anymore: and that is on Blizzard, I think.

For an example, today at Weekly Reset, no one but me was on in my guild to get all the reset stuff. That has not happened for a very long time, maybe Legion is over for my guildmates.

After this week of raiding, I hope to not see Tomb of Sargeras again for a long (long) time.

With a new raid will come hopes and new dreams. I pray to Elune for a “good” raid. Glancing quickly through the loot tables, the gear will be much better: meaningful relics would be nice, right?

It is a challenge because it is the last raid and so has to last over six months. But, if they make it too hard, then the players will go play Destiny 2. It is a good game, I’m told and many are enjoying it right now.

I’m done, I think, with the Original Dragons. Today players were not lined up for the spawn and we had to use the group finder. It was fun to see it and really hard but I am guessing that enough is enough.

I know it sounds like a glum posting but, honest, I am much more upbeat than this report!


8 thoughts on “Crush My Dreams, Blizzard

  1. Aw, rats. Not too terribly surprising, though.
    At this point, I’m guessing that those sweet flower circlet hats will be from an update to Love is in the Air and will only be moggable during that holiday. Which will make me rather sad, because I’m sure I’ll think of outfits for which they’d be the perfect headpieces all year ’round, but oh well…

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  2. Heroic KJ was such a bad fight, in retrospect. I think the thing that chafes me the worst about it is that individually, I can see moving parts of the fight that I enjoy and would like if they were not layered on so heavily. Armageddon is interesting…until it overlaps with two other things. The add mechanics are fun…until someone has the debuff to spawn an add and has to run over to an Armageddon (this happened a lot to one of the mages in our invulnerability rotation). I like large chunks of the fight, but man, pile it all together and it just turns into this massive cluster that I stopped enjoying. I had a brief spike of excitement when we killed it finally, and then relief once we locked in that we were never coming back to do it again.

    I should never feel relief at not doing a bit of content, so I’d say that counts as a failure if enough people feel that, and it seems that is the case.

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  3. I’m still mad about the Hats of the Three Sisters being transmoggable during Hallow’s End only. I mean, come on….they are the coolest hats in the game.

    Good luck with your raid 😉

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  4. I was pulled in for The last Raid on Heroic. I was run through the current on normal by the guild one night. It was not exciting or compelling or had some great feeling that yeah!!! We got the bad guy. I think the design model ran its course during Pandaria. It’s lost its appeal. For me at the very least. I use to enjoy the challenge, learning the fights, now it’s just another endless grind. Adding more and more levels of difficulty may offer some what they are missing. To me it just adds to a total of things in game I cannot do. I don’t know what the solution is. But I think people are getting bored faster and faster. I hope this next big patch offers more than just Antorus. For me LFR will be complete in January. And I don’t know what will come next for 6 months or more.

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  5. Aw, what!? WHY!? Only during the anniversary…/grumbles in corner!

    I understand how you feel about the raid. Even before the Curve introduction and what not, I can still remember the feeling when battling Archimonde in Mount Hyjal. Using those Tears was it, and if one person did not, it was a wipe. These kind of encounters are so frustrating. Like on Teron Gorefiend with the Constructs and ghost control.

    Press on, Hero. May you succeed and never need to look back! Antorus awaits 🙂

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