Throttled in WoW

“What fresh Hell is this?”
Dorothy Parker

Throttled in WoW

I wonder if they will reverse the decision to make those Bronze Tinted Sunglasses to only work during the Anniversary. The twitter response is massive. It is a long list of players unhappy and they amuse me because they use every tactic! Hate Fun and unfair and devs are stupid.

It so reminds me of the circumstance that we have in America with Net Neutrality. Last year over 20 million people stepped up to protest or petition and it got grounded. Now, it is happening again! If the big ISP can sell speed and take away equality in bandwidth for gamers — well, I can not imagine the backlash. We are spoiled children who will trash the place in fury. Our humble little blogs will slowly load since we are not money-makers. If you are not up-to-date, here is the latest news.

Currently it is illegal to “throttle” gaming speed in the World of Warcraft and Blizzard is ready and willing to take, say, Comcast to task. I hope that they don’t pass this really bad sell-out to big business.

Enough of that!

I have an Alt who does the Crysa daily. So far I have won two of the rare Albino Buzzards! I like the Bronze Whelpling so much in that fight that I went to Blasted Lands to farm up another! Silly and fun.

I have an Alt who now has 915 Darkmoon Faire Tickets. This next DMF will offer me the very cool new mount. I have wanted this mount since it came out in August(?) and have been diligently earning my tickets! Woot!

Since we won’t have Sanctuary Cities in the Battle for Azeroth, I’m starting the long patient task of leveling my only horde character to see that side of the story. Little Shotzie is a goblin girl hunter with a long journey ahead. Wish her luck.

Do you have any long term plans that you are executing now?


9 thoughts on “Throttled in WoW

  1. What I find ironic is the net neutrality law has been around a bit over 2 years. I know I’ve seen stories in the past 2 years where ISPs have been called out on throttling bandwidth. And the whole reclassifying as telecom was a joke. Any review of your phone contract has a clause, if you go over a certain amount your speed is reduced. ISPs can easily modify contracts to say at peak hours we may need to reduce your speed so that all of our customers have the same access. Unless you want to pay for our new gigabit connection speed. If I want to drive 150 mph, I’m buying a Ferrari or a Porsche. I’m not buying a Hyundai excel and complaining it doesn’t go as fast. Personally I am in favor of anything that gets out of being controlled by the government. All that does is gives them reason to create over-site committees and pad their government salaries while they take money from all sides trying to get their voices heard. If anything I see what the laws are doing to prevent competition. I am in the heart of the original Comcast country. The place they got their start. The were one of many initially. Over time they bought up the competition, then wrangled no compete contracts with cities. It took Verizon 4 years to get my town access to Fios. Because Comcast fought them. My bill with Comcast was crazy. I switched, got better everything for 20% less and my current bill is still less than what o would pay as a new customer. I see the town where my in laws live, can’t get Fios, because the state demands they offer the service to smaller out of the way areas first. So how do they get around the law? They just stopped. They move into markets where they can, and when regulations force them into money losing deals, they sit and wait. We can all jump up and down and cry out for Justice. In the end they will follow the laws as written, so that they still make money. And in a few years a new administration will come in promising new laws, and the companies will still do what they are able to, and still make money.

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  2. Wow…I did not know about that at all, thank you for bringing it to my attention!

    Sorry what is the Crysa daily? A particular easy pet fight or? 915 tickets?! Way to go!

    Well, good luck to Shotzie, what a cute name 😀

    Hm, long term plans, not really. I am still catching up. So I travel around in MoP and Draenor. Sometimes I make my way to Argus to check for rare spawns I need. Old raids, hunting for transmogs…Oh, and pet battles! On Tananana right now. Not. Easy.

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  3. Long term plans…. We’ll, I have a lot of irons in the fire xD

    – Garrison mounts: working my way to get all the dailies done, but it takes time without flying. And Im saving my orc to do EVERYTHING in Draenor, so he will be the one to get the achievement.

    – I want more drake mounts, so I’ll have to keep farming those raids.

    – Doing lots of PvP with my Blood DK, recently 110.

    – Getting the heroic 25 men plate gear tokens from Icecrown, for the red colour scheme

    – Getting a group of people for the last two Firelands achievements for the mount, since one of them takes 6 people

    – Getting the Garrosh plate shoulders from SoO mythic

    – Sending my hunter to Argus and work through it, I’ve been avoiding it too long xD

    – Continue doing old raids with Princess of the Mists, both for transmog gear and for fun. We like taking time on raids with a lot of lore or a cool soundtrack (sigh….Ulduar)

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      • Absolutely, and you know what? Call me crazy, but it seems my luck increases so much when I set out to do something just for fun. The other week we did Firelands and Blackwing Lair because we had time and felt like it, and I got the two weapons I wanted for months xD

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