Antorus: The Winter Raid

“The harder I work, the luckier I become.”
Terry Pratchett

Antorus: the Winter Raid

Some cold nights ahead, might as well do some raiding.

Four days, count ’em, four days until the next, new and last raid of Legion. I am so very ready for it. I want to kill the final boss and “finish Legion”, LFR will do me nicely. I want to see the fights and learn the strategies and get some loot.


One thing to consider is that since we have to upgrade our Legendary pieces to 1000, do the Emissary quest on Sunday and Monday but don’t turn them in until reset on Tuesday. It might give you a small step forward on this onerous journey.

Wowhead has a very nice Antorus Raid Survival Guide which includes where to find the darn entrance! I appreciate the kindly given coordinates, the doorway can’t be found until reset day.

Dvorakgaming has gone beyond the beyond with a Healer Guides, for Antorus, The Burning Throne. The guide even has DBM settings for each boss! That is beyond any expecations from a guide!

I am a slave to Dvorakgaming’s Restoration Stat Weight and Gearing page. And, yes, it is updated already for the upcoming raid! What a relief to read the overview of Legendary pieces in the context of this next raid.

If you are a Twitter guy, his stuff can be found here.

Questionably Epic posted a Antorus Healing Trinkets guide back in early October. I doubt much has changed since then. And this guy is a darned entertaining writer.

I plan on posting some Tomes of Changed Talents on the AH, probably Monday night and all through the week. Probably some Intellect Flasks since I have stacks of them in my bank. Suramar Lavish Feast – I’m not sure yet.

So tired of my Nighthold set, I’m tempted to strip my gear and use the highest ilevel pieces in my bank. Big sigh, duty-bound, I’ll bring the set that I’m wearing and bear the burden.

I’m guessing that Velen’s Future Sight is the first Legendary piece to upgrade. It is powerful even though it relies on over-healing (which is counter in my mind to how a healer heals).

I finished Crucible’s Promise, Achievements/Class Hall/Artifacts, so THAT is done.

I guess I’m ready for raiding!

2 thoughts on “Antorus: The Winter Raid

  1. Prepared! Thank you for the handy link to the healing guides though, more prepared; check!

    Yeah, if there is one legendary I’d love, it is the Velen’s Future Sight. Sounds so great for Druids.

    Good luck. I hear you on looking forward to change your Night Hold gear.

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