Wowhead’s Talent Calculator: For the Win

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Wowhead’s Talent Calculator: For the Win

Lately I’ve felt like the Reporter-at-Large. If interesting things and changes are found, they must get notice. This is because of how the machine works; blogs put the most recent post at the top and past notices get buried deeper and deeper. We don’t want to miss the important ones!

Today is some information that can not be missed. Wowhead has done a remarkable thing, they have married their Talent Calculator with Warcraft Logs. This means that we can see what choices the top raiding players are making in talents but also trinkets and legendary pieces! Per boss! And, you can see heroic vs mythic.


One can visit their article here.

I have long felt that one of the weaknesses of guides is that they must be written a certain way to meet a broad range of players with the emphasis on understanding the class. They do good work but I always wonder, “which spell should be on the top of my meters, how do I know if I’m doing it right?”

I think that this calculator is now a very powerful tool. I hope that you take a look!

2 thoughts on “Wowhead’s Talent Calculator: For the Win

  1. Oh, hmmm, neat? I was going to say. Sometimes, I wonder, I mean, it depends when you log out, right? I mean, the spec you are in when you log out, gets “locked”? And not the one during the encounter? Am I making sense..?

    I seem to have read a while ago, that top guilds would “cover up” their ranks/numbers, etc. to hide the “key to success” šŸ™‚

    Anyway, neat!

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    • I think that it answers the question, “what is everyone else doing”? Or how are certain problems being solved. If two trinkets are the most popular by far (for the high end guys) then it might encourage me to do the same, especially if I am unsure or insecure about my choices.

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