Akazamzarak’s Spare Hat Macro’d

“Freedom means the freedom to be stupid, and that’s what I want.”
Penn Jillette

Akazamzarak’s Spare Hat Macro’d

Part of the Mage Campaign is a side quest called Down the Rabbit Hole. It is a fun and easy quest which rewards a toy called Akazamzaraks’ Spare Hat.

The toy has a long cooldown, one hour, so I think it will be sure to be used if woven into broader macro which has a shapeshift, explosions, wings, a banner and leaves fluttering about your feet.

The toy’s animation is a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat and then taking a bow. I love the bow after the scene stealing explosion into a female night elf!

Akazamzarak’s Spare Hat
Item Level 110
Binds when picked up
Use: Pull a rabbit out of the hat! (1 Hour Cooldown)
Sell Price: 50

Quest: Down the Rabbit Hole – Mage Campaign
Zone: Hall of the Guardian

/cast Kalytha's Haunted Locket
/cast Blazing Wings
/cast Brewfest Banner
/cast Path of Elothir
/cast Akazamzarak's Spare Hat

Let’s look at it in stages:
Step One is a lonely old Druid hanging out in Dalaran.

Step Two is all of the instant spells; locket, wings, banner, elothir and begin the casting animation.

Step Three is pulling the rabbit out of the hat.

Step Four is taking a bow while the rabbit runs away, free at last!

Here is my little hunter Goblin in the Shadowmoon Valley.

Wow, what an explosion!

And here is the final product; transformed with wings and leaves around the feet. The banner will sparkle for you!

The key is to load the instant spells in front of the casting animation.


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