Stepping into Antorus

“Why didn’t you tell me I was in love with you?”
Fred Astaire

Stepping into Antorus

Well, tomorrow starts a new raid! I’m very excited to leave the Tomb of Sargeras behind. We have several things to look forward to besides the fun of the mechanics and playing with friends.

First of all, we have to level our favorite Legendary pieces to 1000. You know the drill; daily heroic dungeons, LFR, emmissary quests.

We will want to get our new tier sets, here is the boss list:
Antoran High Command: Cloak
Eonar: Chest
Imonar the Soulhunter: Legs
Kin’garoth: Gloves
Coven of Shivarra: Shoulders
Aggramar: Helm

Our tier sets, I’m not sure. The Beast Mastery guys think that they might just go for the highest ilevel pieces, tier-be-damned.

The Resto Druid set is finalized:

Druid T21 Restoration 2P Bonus   Ysera’s Gift now applies Dreamer to the target, healing them for (100% of Spell power) over 8 sec.
Druid T21 Restoration 4P Bonus   When you cast Wild Growth, you have a 100% chance to cause Ysera’s Gift to heal a target 400% more frequently for 10 sec.

Ignoring the built-in confusion of “a target” vs “the target” to assume that there is no target that can I invoke and that I can’t find my Spell Power number anywhere; it looks to be a nice set for us!

There is a nasty bit of business with the new Pantheon Trinkets. On Normal, Heroic and Mythic they drop off the lastboss at ilevel 940. If enough of your raiders have this desired trinket, there can be a proc that affects those with the trinket (not raid wide). To upgrade this trinket to 1000, you need a token drop off of the last boss for five points — meaning 12 kills at minimum to upgrade your trinket.

So, at least twelve weeks (and many more for me) of getting Normal “on farm” as they say to be able to kill the last boss for the upgrade token; hoping that the trinket itself is not a random drop.

And so … we’ll have one raider who brings an Alt to save the lock-out on the final boss in Normal eventually. This is not a very good design.

These fancy trinkets don’t work in dungeons. It is for raiders only on Normal and up, they won’t drop on the LFR and, really, will it matter at all?

New stuff! I’m excited to see new encounters. I hope that we (somehow) build our raid team up again so that we can stop pugging. If we are in this darn raid for nine full months, let’s have some fun with it.

4 thoughts on “Stepping into Antorus

  1. Guess that sealed the deal for me. My Legendary gear will remain at 970. I took a look at the calendar. I have logged in 4 evenings in November. And two of them I just puttered around in town. Seeing that this patch will run at least 12 weeks? Sigh. If it wasn’t for being the GM of the guild, and holding out hope that something will grab me, I think I would have left the game by now. 😕

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