New Raid, Let’s Go!

“If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”
Sun Tzu

New Raid, Let’s Go!

Questing today, I needed a little variety.

/console actioncam on

This moves my camera up over my right shoulder so that I can see my own character in action just a little bit better. I’d not use it for raiding but to be out in the world, it is a nice relief from the everyday tasks. It is easy to turn off too.

I’m selling Tomes of the Talent Change on the Auction House. I made 1000 of them and selling modestly, a few at a time, in stacks of five. It takes 20 Light Parchment to make … one tome. Imagine how full and then empty my bags were!

I used ….

#showtooltip Light Parchment
/run for i=1,GetMerchantNumItems() do if GetMerchantItemInfo(i)=="Light Parchment" then BuyMerchantItem(i,100) break end end

… on my action bar to single click the buying process.

Raiding last night was a blast. Everyone was so excited and chatty that we didn’t even start the first boss for at least a half-an-hour after raid time. The first two bosses were a breeze and then we hit the “jump in the pod” boss and had to learn the mechanics which were new and tough. I’m told that the Portal guy should have been third because it is easier.

My healing numbers were lower that I wanted. Mark this to two things; lack of necessity on the first two bosses and progression fights! We have to learn when to anticipate the damage. This is a marked difference from the well-rehearsed ToS fights and it is very fun.

The artwork in the new raid looks very familiar. I was thinking about it and, really, any raid or dungeon is best when dark and spooky with icky spiders and demons. It should feel slightly claustrophoic and cramped. While we all remember the awe we felt when we first went into Ulduar with it’s massive scale and size, raids are best when underground.

I’ll say it again and again. People are looking for answers … and understanding. Especially when a new patch, dungeon, zone or raid drops. We bloggers will see spikes of interest and that is a good thing! Let us try to keep the information flowing.




2 thoughts on “New Raid, Let’s Go!

  1. Oooh yeah thank you for reminding me of that action cam 🙂 I wanted to try that again. Last time I actually got some kind of sea-sick, it was so odd to experience. When I see it on youtube, it looks so great for questing.

    I cannot wait to see the new raid. Oh how I miss raiding so much.

    Yeah healing numbers as a Druid is always lower during the first tries. It was one of the great things I really loved about it back then; to see your own progress and ability to predict the damage and eventually nail it 🙂

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