Antorus: Week One

“We relish news of our heroes, forgetting that we are extraordinary to somebody too.”
Helen Hayes

Antorus: Week One

It seems like a lot has happened this week and that the raid opened a long time ago.

Six bosses down this week which feels about right. I hope we add one more this coming week. I saw a guy by the Summon Stone flaunting his heroic Argus kill (on the very pretty mount) and wanted to ask him if he was going to unsub until the next expansion!

The raid is totally fun right now, though I get lost a lot.

Early in the week I was questioning my numbers. How could I go from “very good” in my raid team on heroic KJ and two days later be “pitiful bottom” with the same team in the same gear? I stripped my old Nighthold tier and put on my highest ilevel (and changed from Legendary shoulders to neck) and my numbers were fine again!

Last night, our third healer was too sick to raid (which means really sick) and we two-healed three bosses with a fourteen man team. 2/2/9. We can do that, even on the bomb, shield, blade-spinner boss! Super challenging, very much fun; Resto Druid and Resto Shammy. I want my third healer back!

Personally, I used six bonus rolls and downed six bosses and saw zero loot. That has got to change! Bonus rolls on tier bosses only from now on.

Tomorrow the LFR opens and I’ll be there on my Inscriptionist. The Vantus Rune recipe will hopefully drop. AND I can see the fights from a dps view, which will seem very different.

I’ll show the numbers from Imonar the Soulhunter because I was on top!


Happy Hunting!

12 thoughts on “Antorus: Week One

  1. Lookin’ good up there 😉 Very nicely done twoman healing it, woa!

    Can I ask you to elaborate on the log, and show which spells healed for which %? 🙂 I hope your third healer feels better already.


  2. Oh, aaaw. A warcraft log…Oh, how I miss it. What a tool! Thank you for showing, Tell me. I just got my 5th legendary 😀 Velen’s Future Sight! How do you go about using it normally? Does it entirely depend on the situation or?

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