At Least in Normal: Early Healing Notes

“What a delightful thing is the conversation of specialists! One understands absolutely nothing and it’s charming.”
Edgar Degas

At Least in Normal: Early Healing Notes

The image below is from an un-updated Armory. Blizzard does a crap job on the armory, I think we can all agree on that.


Healing this current raid is fun. But I am always having fun. So, that is that. I am talented as 2,2,3,2,3,3,3.

Here are my notes:

Garothi Worldbreaker
Spring Blossoms for sure. It is a stacking fight. At the end of each phase there is a “retreat!” moment where you might use Tranquility. After the first weapon is shot down, the team ping-pongs right and left as a group moving after the circles show up so they all stack in one place … as you leave that place.

Felhounds of Sargeras
Spring Blossoms again. Stack, tank, spank. The hounds are kept apart, I’d guess 40 yards. One tank gets lonely (to my left), the other tank has all the melee company and my mushroom is with the ranged who are in the middle. I put my mushroom down just before the pull to direct the ranged where I want them to stand. If you get targeted, just run outside of the stack to let the fire trail land out of the way. Displacer Beast is fine to jump away from the spinning vacuum thing.

Antoran High Command
This fight will become one of my favorites because it is a bitch. Germination because we are all traveling and a bit scattered. There will be a guy in the pod (behind you) that you have to heal while there is a slow kiting of the boss — at least that is how we are doing it. Ursol’s Vortex is the best spell ever, when the adds arrive it negates the blade-spinner from leaving the add stack (they jump to the farthest player). You can cast Ursol’s Vortex every other spawn so talk to another Druid. The damage is steady so Flourish and Velen’s and your staff off of cooldown, use tranquility early so you have it again (about 11 minute fight, I think) and use Innervate early; maybe at the first shield.

Portal Keeper Hasabel
Volunteer to take the portal, it is much more fun. The stay-at-home guys are bouncing right and left to avoid a big ugly circle and killing imps. The third and last portal is tricky because the lights are out; there is a trick to bringing some candle but (in Normal) we blow it off. If you can, get your Raid Leader to go up before the pull and put a raid marker at the portal so you can find your way out quickly.

The Defense of Eonar
Totally fun and often confusing. The main note is that the extra-action button has TWO actions! It is easy to miss that. The first will make you fly (it is so fun) and the second click can target where you can land quickly, ending the flight. There are Big Dudes who have to die and Little Dudes who want to march and kill the boss (who you are protecting). Again, Ursol’s Vortex to slow the walking guys can help.

Imonar the Soulhunter
The novelty of this fight is the transition, the bastard takes off running and leaves a trail of bombs and stuns and trip wires. Lots of damage, I used Tranquility here. Avoid the trip wires and let a hunter use turtle-shell to explode the mines or some such. Just don’t be first!


Healing is healing and can get routine. Using our toolbox and utility is the fun part (so far) in this raid.

Do you have any tips that I can use?

2 thoughts on “At Least in Normal: Early Healing Notes

  1. Suuuper cool, thank you so much for the helpful advice. Its just, so much better for me than any standard guide. Please write more about your healing experience in Antorus whenever you feel like it 😀

    I have no tips, since I havent sat foot in there yet, havent had time, and I will only get to see the LFR version so I doubt anything I say will be very useful :p

    That quote of Edgar Degas is hilarious 🙂

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