That Was The Week That Was

“Your Majesty, I am like you. I do no work. I do nothing, but I am indispensable.”
Sergei Diaghilev

That Was The Week That Was

It is Saturday and I’m posting on my week. We know that the week surely begins on Reset Day, so forgiveness please.


I finished my fourth campaign yesterday with the Warrior. These class campaigns are great! Yes, I remember well Gnomecore planning for this achievement before Legion even dropped; but, I’m on my way now. I don’t have a Death Knight and deleted Feltaco, the Demon Hunter, before finishing the questline. I apologize to everyone for that but it was just too … exhausting. I’m thinking the Rogue campaign next …

Here is my rogue, Gnawsome, with tankards for daggers.


Lord of the Reins! I got this achievement this week too. It comes with a mount and a title! I had collected 352 mounts to get this 300 mount achievement. I guess I have 50 horde mounts? In any case, the catch is that they have to be rideable. So … there we go.


And, of course, raiding. I only have one piece of the bonus tier set and it drives me crazy that I don’t have two. Then I’ll want four. Then I can relax. This gear chase can be obsessive and unhealthy; find the fun with friends first!

In one week we have the Feast of the Winter Veil! I love the holiday season, even in WoW. Yes, I’ve been watching the Hallmark Channel and all of those goofy movies (I think my favorites are the one’s who have a mix of a magical Santa and also God’s presence; I laugh, how could the script writer get away with this?).


And, last night instead of WoW, sports, books or politics; I watched the Nutcracker on television. The version I saw was shot at the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg. Dang, what a beautiful theater!

I’ve seen at least fourteen different versions of the Nutcracker live with an orchestra. The music and the ballet are a gift to the world. Go see it in your local theater; even if it is by Dolly Dinkle’s Dance Studio with recorded music and local talent. This one show keeps dance studios open, trust me.

Russia has arts funding for ballet and even contemporary dance. I read that they are making a documentary on the great Nijinsky and The Afternoon of a Faun but that it has stalled as too provocative. Well, duh, when he performed it for the Ballet Russes it almost caused riots in the theater! I’ve looked recently and cannot find reports on this, so I may be wrong! Still, when the arts make you want to riot, it is a good day (even in 1912).

The United States does not fund it’s artists. Ronald Reagan cut the funding for the National Endowment for the Arts when the average taxpayer was paying one-half of one cent per year. It is disgusting.

Yes, I know that my blog title, That Was The Week That Was, was a political satire television show on the BBC in the 60’s, yet it seemed just perfect for today!


The is the mount reward for the Lord of the Reins achievement.

And you … have a wonderful week!

4 thoughts on “That Was The Week That Was

  1. Oooh, love these posts 🙂 So nice with the insight. And yes what an accomplishment on that mount, congratulations! I think I have 200… (Now that I write it this way, gosh. 200 mounts is still a lot.)

    I understand your view on tier pieces. I would be the same way. Especially now. Our hunger for decent set bonuses is real.

    Oh, you are a fan of those Christmas movies? Is there a channel actually called Hallmark? Aw, I miss your country now. (I was au pair over 10 years ago)

    Have you ever watched Love Actually?

    Being in a theater. I adore it. All your senses are just bombarded, in a great way.

    Wonderful week to you too 🙂 Keep this kind of post-tradition alive 😉

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