The Precious Pink Ribbon

“It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

The Precious Pink Ribbon

I don’t often buy from the Blizzard game store. The times that I have is when a purchase, like a pet, will have it’s 100% proceeds go to charity. And, for my money, I think that the charity chosen has always been a good one.

And then I proudly run about Azeroth with my pet out. I like showing the world that I have a conscience and have supported a cause in the real world. It is a bit of a cross-over in realities and I can accept and embrace it.

If you have run (and run) ICC, then you might have been rewarded Precious’ Ribbon. I like that it is a shirt but it is also a buff on my Buff Bar. As things go, it is fairly subtle but it is there.


I’m thinking that how cool it would be if we could show our support for different causes. Why not a pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness? It could be a shirt that we buy or earn in game and is also a buff that show’s the intention.

Here is a list of Awareness Ribbons.

I know that this discussion can lead down a path of politics and political correctness but, in general, I see no flagrantly obnoxious causes.

So, what do you think? Should I put this idea in the Suggestion Box?

4 thoughts on “The Precious Pink Ribbon

  1. Suggestions are always good! In this particular case though I would worry that it would be a …is the term slippery slope? And a reason for Blizzard not to dive into this. How do they decide which cause gets some spotlight in the game and which does not?

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