Patch 7.3.5: Needing Clarity

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Patch 7.3.5: Needing Clarity

Some data mining is good. Knowing that something might happen can let you prepare for it today. It would appear that this patch (I’d guess March?) will give us the new scaling zones and, I think, the new Allied Races. That would be great planning to give us something to do before the Battle for Azeroth expansion.

We also know that there will be a new Battleground. The data mined achievement suggests that we can collect Azerite. The achievement is for 100,000 of this stuff.


My (limited) understanding was that Azerite was something that was absorbed (not collected or clicked) into the Heart of Azeroth, a pendant neck piece that will act as our new artifact mechanic; boosting our specialized gear.

My confusion is on how we could collect 100,000 Azerite if we don’t have the next expansion’s artifact? Will this be some kind of currency until then?

Can anyone offer me clarity?

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