Pugged an Argus

“If it makes you cry, it goes in the show.”
Annie Leibovitz

Pugged an Argus

My raid team is off for the holidays. So, greatly daring, I joined a pug group that was on Aggramar hoping to ride along for a kill on the final boss; Argus. Having seen only two wipes before as our raid team had staggered into the final boss at the end of raiding, I was a little worried.

Argus is a fight that you have to learn. It is fairly forgiving if you are a healer. Oh, by the way, this is on Normal. It was a partial guild run and we wiped four times, three of them within 5% so it was close. We had long pauses as puggers would bail and we’d get new ones.

I was smoking the other two healers. I had 32% of the heals. Maybe this is a Resto-Druid fight.

The kill was extremely satisfying. I was spoiler-free so I saw the final cut scene with amazement. I got a 965 neck piece with the wrong stats but that is okay.

After I tumbled out of the cut scene, I noticed that the guild was lining up for a screenshot. My heart went out to them! They must have been proud and happy and they did it during the holiday and everything was just about perfect for them.

Now I understood why no voice chat. It was them against the world! Bravo.

I have been trying to think of our raid team’s last “screen shot kill”. I think, maybe, Heroic Garrosh when we all lined up on our new mounts at the shrine was the last time. That has got to change! Those are proud moments! Most raid teams, like ours, have players who free-lance because they can and so that shared feeling isn’t quite like the past days of raiding.

Lets have some more screen shot kills to cement those collective memories.


One thought on “Pugged an Argus

  1. 32%, go you!

    Aww, how nice. And I agree. Oh, those screenshots. Good memories. πŸ™‚ Happy New Year! How about sharing your kill shots with us from now on? πŸ™‚

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