Master Trainer’s Tabard

“No artist is ahead of his time. He is his time; it is just that others are behind the times.”
Martha Graham

Master Trainer’s Tabard

Data mining for 7.3.5 shows that we can earn a tabard for pet battling called Master Trainer’s Tabard


The achievement to earn this new tabard is called Family Brawler.

Like the other family achieves, this one requires you to use a class team like all Aquatic, Flyer or Dragonkin.

But, to get it, you’ll really have to want it. It is a PvP achieve. If you have ever done pet battling PvP then you’ll know just how long it takes to win 5 much less 100 with the class restriction.


This, my pet lovers, is one nasty time sink. I’m beginning to wonder if that tabard would mess up my tmog!

One thought on “Master Trainer’s Tabard

  1. Oh, my! I am still working through my pet collection! Need to gather a lot across every single continent. I want to do the Familiar one sometime. I have begun to write things down in a document though, thats a huge accomplishment for me already. I rarely have done PvP Pet Battles though.

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