The Alt Army Marches On

“A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.”
Napoleon Bonaparte

The Alt Army Marches On

During the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, my boss called me into his office. He said that I had to answer my e-mails every morning. I said that you can’t negotiate work via e-mail. He agreed but said to answer my e-mails anyway. So, with mild bitterness (I wasn’t terribly upset) I agreed to do this.

But I also rebelled.

I know, it is minor and silly. But, if I had to do work and answer e-mails from home, I was going to play the World of Warcraft too. Don’t let The Man get you down.

So, I got into the habit back then of starting WoW, starting my morning coffee and starting my e-mails. I’d send my Main to the Argent Tournament and during the flight path, I’d check my mail. I’d spread this over whatever time it took, weaving WoW and work back and forth.

It may have been petty of me.

Today, that habit lingers on. It probably takes me twice as long at least to do my dailies because I’m also checking e-mails, reading blogs, reading the news and drinking my morning coffee. And I have a lot more Alts.

I like it now.


This morning I sent a lowbie Alt to camp Environeer Bert inside the building of Gnomeregan but not inside the dungeon. The reward is a bag of goodies which might contain Dibbler.

It is a daily quest per account. I intend on learning this pet and (perhaps) learning all three variations of speed, health and power. Then I’ll give the extras away or sell them on the AH by learning them and then having my Bank Alt cage and sell.

This means that I have now three Alts camped for pet battles; Environeer Bert, Crysa and the Shadowmoon Valley where I level the pets. All three Alts are getting (very) slow XP and that is okay, I have an Army.


So, to sum up:

  • Three daily pet battlers
  • Three tailors on Hexweave Bags
  • Four Herbalists for the Felwort World Quests
  • One Garrison mission camper for Hexweave, Drums and Glider mats
  • Two Alts with the free WQ earning Marks of Honor (account-wide!) for Tmog sets
  • One Alchemist selling stacks of Tome of Changed Talents (from the above Felwort).

My Main does the emissary every day and then I simply flip through my Alts.

Currently a stack of 20 tomes sell for an average of 3000g and I put up five stacks at a time; I’m doing this about three times a week so I’m making about 45,000g a week on that but it will slack soon as the raid gets less tight.

And that is my morning! The Alt Army marches on over a cup of coffee and the latest news.


5 thoughts on “The Alt Army Marches On

  1. Oh, neeaaaat, thank you so much! These weeks, I have almost no time to play, I just log on to various alts for a pet battle here and there, and have begun placing them around trainers, thanks to your tips ๐Ÿ™‚ I did not know of the one near Gnomeregan at all, until today.

    Can I ask you a few questions? ๐Ÿ™‚ Just, I am not one for reading specific guides on various guide forums, so most of my Pet Battle tips are actually from your site!

    1. Which way would be the best one, for someone with little time, to optimise their “round”?

    Are the Pandaren trainer dailies the way to go, for maximum Pet XP? Can all Characters do that even, or do they have to be 85+ to enter Pandaria?
    Currently I have a character at Ashlei, at Crysa, and now in Gnomeregan too. But I have several alts around 70 to 85 (I stopped playing in Cataclysm) that would be put to good use, somehow, I am sure.

    2. How would you go about “cleaning up” a Pet Battle collection?

    I have so many level 1, poor quality, what not, pets “lying” around (That I probably caught at the start of Pandaria before I quit? I don’t know!)

    I might have a little bit of an OCD approach to it, granted, but sometimes, I just want to release them all and focus on few, so I get a better overview and don’t feel overwhelmed with the entire thing! (and my goal to level all of them)

    I hope I am making sense ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you in advance!

    And oh, I understand your approach to your boss back then. And I really hear you on the fact, that things in game and outside the game end up taking way longer, because one (tries to) multitask. ๐Ÿ˜› One of my hopes for 2018 is actually to get better at focusing on one thing at the time…Hmm…

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    • Tough questions!
      I think all pet tamers give the same xp, so you could park a lvl one in the Elwynn forest if you wanted to; basically it is the same xp one would get off of a quest. “In the field” straight up pet battles give about 80% of a quest xp, so if you wanted to farm xp by chaining pet battles; you could — there is a great spot in pandaria …
      Crysa and Environeer Bert are nice because of their pet rewards (which can be sold too); the one is SMV is nice because it is so easy due to Doodles.
      Nothing wrong with deleting pets. One collects until the achievement for that zone is achieved. Ultimately you will want a roster to tackle the Celestial Tournament and then Family Fighter, so find a site and make a list — having that goal (Celestial Tourney) will help point you in a direction because there is an over-whelming amount of pets.
      Rule of thumb is to use a place like SMV to level up to 24 and then use the pet charm to take that last step but I don’t always do that at all.
      Happy Hunting!

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      • Thank you for your in depth reply ๐Ÿ™‚ I see, okay – I got the impression that the XP depends on the pet level too. Yes, I really like the one in SMV!

        Yes, I see, good suggestions. Last time I went to Celestial Tournament without knowing what it was, I ran out of pets, hah ๐Ÿ™‚

        Oh, I actually do that too, up to 24 through battles, then charm! Neat ๐Ÿ™‚

        One more question, if thats okay; How do you spend your Pet Charms? I have been hunting them, and now I am so cheap and don’t want to spend them on anything! I do spend them on those stones that make pets rare, because I have rubbish luck when capturing. But what else? Any specific pet you targetted right away? Sometimes I wonder, if Pet Charms will be the same currency in BfA, and if I am better off saving them all for some superb toy, hmmm…

        Thank you again ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Pet Charms? I don’t spend them as much as I should or could because I like the SMV daily. I bought the pets from the vendor in Dalaran a long time ago.
      The best use is when I need a sudden new pet to be 25 and rare and I can blow through some of them. I’m cheap tho, I stockpile them and admire them like Silas Marner or Scrooge McDuck.

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      • Aha, right. That is an excellent way to say it, Scrooge! That’s me, these days! Well until I get to play again, then I foresee Pet Charms vanishing…

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