Vacancy: Dalaran

“I have an affection for a great city. I feel safe in the neighborhood of man, and enjoy the sweet security of the streets.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Vacancy: Dalaran

Legion turned out to be a pretty good expansion. Lots of stuff to do, games to play and fights to finish.

But this is an MMO, Massively Multi-player Online, and Dalaran is a ghost town. Our sanctuary city, home to both factions have only me and some cleverly animated walking NPCs. Sure there might be someone at the bank or a Blingtron 6000 by the place that we zone in.

Blizzard has some sort of technology. It doesn’t work.

At the start of Legion, Dalaran was packed and hopping and exciting. But the load screens were death, I’d check my e-mail while waiting and forget that I was playing WoW. And, I couldn’t find my friends, my guildies were in some other phase. I guess they had to turn the dial down on the population.

Their technology is seen all of the time. I can be over at the Summon Stone for the current raid, idling about and waiting for an invite. There might be two people hanging around. Then I get an invite and suddenly the place is packed.

This lack of seeing other players is a killer. The perception of no one else playing except for me makes me feel like no one else is playing. That is death to an MMO, I think, the preception opposite of an exciting place to play.

I have two favorite memories of playing WoW when it comes to this. The Commons in Iron Forge with it’s nice wide expanse of room and you can see everything and the Summon Stone at Black Rock Foundry where I remember several raid teams running around, excited to go play.

Splitting the classes to the Order Halls served a purpose and there are active players turning in their missions. But no one is showing off their pet and mount and tmog.

Immersion is great and important. Meeting your raid team in a cave next to a lava river is terrific. However, this is an MMO and we need to see that we are playing with a lot of people.

Whether WoW has seven million subscribers or two hundred thousand, we need to be seen.

5 thoughts on “Vacancy: Dalaran

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Dalaran felt empty the whole expansion. One thing I was used to enjoy the most in the past was the crowded cities like Shattrath during BC and Dalaran during WOTLK. I never found back that great feel… That technology removed something awesome and I hope they’ll correct it in the future 😉

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  2. This, a thousand times this. I have been wondering what was causing these things; not being able to see those from my same server even.

    I totally agree. Though, I fear, that one important reason for this, is something that cannot be solved; player mentality, flying and the “spread out” of our hubs. I recall those days in Ironforge. Oh, I often go to Ironforge (or Darnassus) instead of Stormwind, use a ground mount and just enjoy.

    I am not techy techy enough to fully grasp the reasoning, but it’s that “new” sharing technology, yes?

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  3. Wow, my experience has not been like this at all, but as I understand it, this is a problem on a lot of realms.

    Except for the Dalaran loading screen time. We should all make a contest for how many things one can do during the time it takes for it to load xD

    Even the class halls are always so packed, I was able to learn a lot about where to find some pets (hunter) on the class hall.

    With the new zone scaling, it will be much harder to just afk in a capital city and dungeon spam to 90, so a lot more capitals will be moved again 🙂

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  4. I have seen my wife in Dalaran next to the flight plan, have flow over to the island right behind her, only to see her vanish. Have stood right next to her and it’s just me and some NPCs on the screen. On hers? Lots of people, but I’m not there. I’ve invited her to group and instantly the place is crowded, the same with her. The phasing is relatively new tech, but they have such a bad track record of addressing flaws that are reported, that I don’t even bother reporting on the bug forums.

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  5. Hm, didn’t notice that 🙂 I guess that mostly I’m a solo player, so I don’t notice that much. I just see the other people hanging around and doing stuff, so it’s fine by me – I don’t feel alone. I’m often bumping into my guildmates and former guildmates which is nice 🙂 And there was an amazing meeting as my main came across a character of the artist who drew her portrait 🙂 Imagine her seeing the character she drew which was frantically waving at her, and in that very transmog!

    I definitely prefer some server splitting and phasing, because at a certain quest or world quest even 1 player doing the same task may kill all the creatures you need, enhancing the quest time twice.

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