Argus Downed

“A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.”
Larry Bird

Argus Downed

For the first time, our raid team downed Argus! Sure, it was on Normal. We were shushed in our cheers as players wanted to watch the terrific cut-scene. And, we even took a screen shot! I was pleased with how many said a robust “yes!” to the screenie.


All that I’ll say about that final phase is be ready to unload all of your stuff, there is no holding back. Be ready to blow through mana and toss every cooldown off cooldown!

Of the fifteen raiders, I’d guess that four had done this fight before in pug groups. So, everyone new had to learn the fight. Naturally the final phase is the hardest and it takes about nine minutes to get there, so it took us all three hours of our raid time to get the kill.

Since I was healing, I was interested to see the players test the mechanics and see what they had to avoid and what they couldn’t. No one simply accepted being told to stay out of the bad. It caused a few wipes but I think everyone is solid now in the fight.

I had Vantus Runes! Sadly, I didn’t even think of them in my bags until we wiped at 8% on a solid attempt. I doled them out and we got the win.

Many of our raiders do not have their four-piece sets yet so we’ll be running Normal for a while but faster and faster and I’ll bet that we begin flipping over to heroic on the second nights very soon.

Success breeds success and I think that our group effort will continue to solidify our raid team.

7 thoughts on “Argus Downed

  1. Congrats!!!!

    I watched last night as the guild downed Aggramar and started on Argus Heroic. So many notices the Guild has wiped at 80% I am sure they will get it in the next 2-3 weeks. On the one hand I wish I was in there with them, on the other, I know the level needed is far beyond me.

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      • LOL, my wife who has for years been one of the raid healers, needed some time off with work, working overtime, school, taking care of her parents, and the holidays, asked if she could get back in, is not raiding. No way I will be included unless it is a run because they have it on farm.

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